April 15, 2017

To all those who follow my blog; River of Dreamsh

From L.A.O.S. (Live As One Strong) by Souvannaseng Boriboune (author's profile)


To all those who followed by blog and enjoyed my writings, I would like to deeply apologize for the hiatus. I have been going through a lot in these past years. I have been dealing with so many losses in my life that all I could do was retreat and search within myself for the strength to continue in my quest to understand life.

I have lost my hommies, my lil' brother, and my father in the span of four years. Again, I apologize and hope for your forgiveness.

Now, I am back and I promise to at least post something once a month. Thank you for your support and understanding. Also, I will be posting something called "My Thoughts". It will be random things in my mind that I would love to share with you.


River of Dreams
I look across the river
On the other side lies my dreams
I am stagnated
Scared that I might drown
I have no faith in my own strength
So I don't attempt to swim

I look across the same river
My dreams still lies there waiting
I close my eyes envisioning it
Then my eyes open up
I am still standing on the other side of my dreams
Not achieving them is my own fault

I again look across the same river
My dreams still lies there waiting
So I jump in
Determination and will strengthens my strokes
I finally make it to the other side
It's no longer a dream
But a fruition of my reality

Now I look back to the opposite side
I see my fears and stagnations left behind
The anchors that would've drowned me
So I turn around
Leaving all my anchors behind me
Now I dwell in the reality of success

Souvannaseng Boriboune


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