May 22, 2017
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Peace and Blessings
(Sept. 29, 2013)



Peace and blessings. I hope you're doing well and in good health and spirits. But most importantly that you're at peace with heart and mind.

Thank you for the reply. Yes, I reply back right away to your first comments because I was truly intrigued by your search for an Asian pen-pal. It just caught my attention and now I know why.

Americans do have this fascination with people who commit crimes. Most are fascinated with the fantasy of did they do it or not. They don't care too much about the growing or transformation of a person from within. This is what I want people to see about me, my spiritual and mental transformations and my growth into this individual name Souvannaseng."

Yes. I would like to share my story with you and tell you about my life and transformation. As long as you are interested. I hope I can inspire you and challenge you. What I mean by challenge is maybe have you see life through a different lens. Sometimes our views are only confined by our perceptions. There are different perceptions out there. Can I share with you a world that is contrary to yours? All I ask is for open-mindedness and understand. However, I can't write it all within my blog because it will take time to share. So whenever you reach out to me via mail, we can start this dialogue in depth.

This cannot only be about me though. I also want to know more about this person "Jae" and would like to know your story. The surface of you is easy to see, but what about the internal you? What are your deeper thoughts? What are your perceptions? Who are you? Can I get a glimpse into this vessel that carries around emotions, desires, thoughts, hopes, and dreams? I just want to ride along with this vessel, and take a journey on the sea of Jae. Hopefully, I won't get lost but land on an island of understanding and friendship.

Anyway, Jae, hopefully I will hear from you soon. I know you are busy with work, but hopefully you find time to write. Until then, here is something I wrote called Mind Shifters. Maybe you can get a little glimpse of my perceptions. Thank you for your comments and for enjoying my works.

Sleep with the angels and wake up to find paradise in heart and mind.



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