April 18, 2017

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Peace and Blessings
(Sept. 29, 2013)


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Peace and blessing. Peace is one of the most greatest blessings we can have in our lives. However, it seems to be less prevalent because of the fast pace and chasteness of our world and lives. So moments of peace are a vague attainment lost in this atmosphere of unbalance. This is why I wish peace for you and hope that you will always be embrace by it and achieve the Nirvana of life.

Your words and comments were very kind, and it gave me an abundance of joy to know that you enjoy my writings. I don't get many replies, so the little I do get, I cherish them. Sometimes I wonder do people enjoy my writings. But then I don't dwell on it much because I don't write for the pleasure of pleasing people, but for the pleasure of expression and the pleasure of sharing my thoughts with people. My expression is my own individualism. Being me is a unique quality I think I have and I show me same to others. So thank you accepting me. I don't know much about you, but I accept you will all the unknowns.

Joe, I am pleased to hear that you were inspired by my writings. I love to pique people's minds and get them to think. Sometimes we tend to see the world one-sided through the lens of our perceptions, not realizing that there are other perceptions out there. Perceptions are subjective outlooks. So there isn't really any right or wrongs. But the question is, can we accept the opposites? Or do we close our minds and get lost in the realms of vagueness? Sometimes the serendipitous moments of our lives can come from something opposite of our perceptions. All and all, thank you for reaching out to me with the one hand of compassion; I shake it with gratitude.

However, I am just curious to know why you were searching for an Asian inmate in prison. I know you've said you have a friend that was sentenced to 24 years, but I am still curious. Whatever the reasons, I hope this is not just a breeze that just passes by. If you ever have any questions or just want to express your thoughts and mind, you can reach me at any blog post or you can reach me at this address:

Souvannaseng Boriboune #347426
Oshkosh Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 3310
Oshksoh, WI 54903

I am always open to deep dialogues. With that, I close in peace and blessings.

Sleep with the angels and wake up to find paradise within heart and mind.


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