April 15, 2017

Chess Problem

by David Hollingsworth (author's profile)


Hello all. I hope everyone is having a wonderful time of it.

I need your help. I'm a bit stuck and I need advice. I've been going through old games, and I have reached a position that I agree to a draw in, but would like to have input on how and if it's possible for the black pieces to win. I'm not a master and I can't apply a software program, so I'm asking any chess players to help.

Here's the game!

1. d4 - NF6
2. c4 - e6
3. NC3 - Bb4
4. Qc2 - 0-0
5. e3 - Bxc3
6. Bxc3 - C5
7. Nf3 - Nc6
8. Bd3 - b6
9. 0-0 - d6
10. e4 - e5
11. d5 - Ne7
12. bq5 - h6? Here, Nq6 was better!
13. Bxf6 - qxf6
14. Qd2 - Kh7
15. Rfe1 - Nq6
16. Re3 - Qd7
17. Nd4 - cxd4
18. cxd4 - Rh8
19. dxe5 - fxe5
20. Rae1 - Nf4
21. Bf1 - Rq8


Can't wait to hear from y'all!

P.S. Anyone wishing to play C.C., hit me up!


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