April 19, 2017

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March 15, 2017
Max P.s comment to Charlie Sullivan National Cure "Let me say this clearly. I am speaking for myself. As a fellow citizen and nothing more. I took personal responsibility for supporting this march 100%. I am not an official part of the march management team.

Please. Assume I know what I am talking about before deciding I don't. I have spent many years studying this topic exclusively.

I'm also going to be straight with you. You are uninformed, unaware and potentially putting people's lives in danger through your ignorance. And I mean that in the strictest state. You simply do not know enough and based on this reply you don't want to know any more. Nonetheless I will show you the error of your judgement. Hopefully your ego does not stop you here.

Your 1st point is missing information. Republicans are already moving toward a constitutional convention and at last count a year ago they were only 6 states shy of success. Whether we want to or not it's about to happen. If this issue isn't on the table the fault lies with people like you. Like the NAACP who told me they have no intention of opening the constitution up for reinterpretation. Like the ACLU who seemed to have missed the memo.

We on the other hand have studied and monitored these details and events as a matter of survival. So we are far more aware than you give us credit for being.


We have reached out to Natives and many are coming. But as a whole they have decided to rally behind the DAPL situation and to not support this issue. I have personally conversed with several native leaders on this subject. In addition they just had a March on Washington days ago which for all intents was a failure in making an impact on social consciousness. It went unreported and ignored by media as is expected for our march.
We are taking notes from their efforts, wins and losses. We're also holding onto hope that we can unify under this circumstance.
They tried it their way. Now try it ours.


The same thing occurred during the national prison slave labor work strike. Mainstream media was silent about the largest slave rebellion in US history. We believe this is because they (media) are beholden and controlled by corporate interests who depend on slavery as part of their daily business practices.


Further at a historical level these two groups have always been fighting separately on two fronts. Genocide in the north/west and slavery in the south/east.

We have also reached out to immigrant groups who again...don't at this time seem to recognize history and think this fight against mass deportation doesn't end up as part of the prison for profit industries. Try listening to Jan Mickelson's call for the use of the constitutions exception clause to reinstate slavery against undocumented immigrants.


Jan Mickelson is a popular conservative Iowa talk show host who has interviewed all of the Republican candidates and was a main speaker at the 2015 "Freedom Summit" where he espoused the same racist genocidal fascist thoughts and ideas. FYI blacks make up less than 4% of the Iowa population but are being incarcerated per 100,000 at a rate of near 14 to 1 for their white counterparts so this is already happening to them in Iowa.


His idea is already in use and being reflected by the recent class action law suit that includes as many as 60,000 detainees who have been forced into labor.


He has also influenced many national candidates like Iowa Representative Steve King whose recent racist genocidal statements have created quite a buzz.


Charles Sullivan, President, International CURE, Washington, DC:
You remind me of the white moderates that Martin Luther King, Jr. warned us about. Telling us how to fight our fight and when. Telling us who our enemies are and who our friends are. Defining our struggles, defining terms like racism and even defining slavery.

I recently watched the film "The Heritage of Slavery" (1968) w/ Fannie Lou Hamer & Lerone Bennett, Jr. In that film one of the white speakers noted that telling a man who has always considered himself a friend to the negro that what he has been doing for the last 100 years is wrong is not an easy pill to swallow and he doesn't have to believe you.


I have watched your videos from 2011 and 2013 and I applaud your victories as in effecting the FCC regulation of predator prisoner phone rates. Your work in reform is heroic. But we are not here to reform this system. We want it abolished.


Here is my prediction. I suspect you have not had many conversations about the 13th amendment. I further suspect you believe and have always believed the now debunked narrative that slavery was abolished in 1865.

Finally I would surmise based on what I've seen, read and heard from you that the idea that this might just be legalized slavery allowed through our constitutions 13TH amendment and practiced amid rampant constitutional violations in every city USA as the DOJ has presented in its reports on multiple cities using race based, criminal, conspiratorial, destructive, and exploitative practices all makes me think that you have never seriously considered the idea. Not now and not before.

You should. We have. In depth.

I am not going to offer any more information. If you want it then ask for it. I am not disappointed in your assumptions, assertions and decisions. I expect such to happen often when non blacks in black savior positions are presented with this idea. That you might be mistaken and have been mistaken most if not all of your life is a point where double think and cognitive dissonance begins as described in Joy DeGruy Publications.
Something this explosive can and does change your entire being and is a destructive personal experience as you have to deprogram and re-educate yourself as part of the process of really changing your mind. Deal with it or live a lie. The choice is yours.

I'll continue to applaud your efforts. But I do not see you as an ally. Maybe that will change one day.


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