June 30, 2017

March Again!

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March Again!
Strength - 2017

This month, I am revisiting what it really means to have strength and how to apply it.

Many people have conversations about being strong. I just wonder how many put a plan in place to build on. And on another level, what about strength is based on faith? If our goal is to exercise strength, then we will need to have some kind of understanding about the source of strength we will be drawing on.

Depending on the source, there are specific behaviors that will need to be developed, maintained, and positioned for expansion. This is what faith-based strength is based on. Faith at our core is a call to initiate patterns of dedication. Self-examination will help us to locate the accurate starting point. For example, what people, places, and things are we currently faithful to? Are we satisfied with these relationships? Or would we prefer to release them or elevate them? What is the goal of strength we have and pursue?

I know you may have heard this before: "The joy of the Lord is my strength." Each day I have a habit of whispering to myself, "I am open and receptive to the joy of Christ." Sometimes I affirm, "The joy of Christ is expressing through me and leading me to strength." The more I do this, the more areas of my life that need to be strengthen come to the forefront. Strength that is based in faith will reveal and expose the quality of our core belief structure and clarify where the balance is needed.

The most trying thing about growing and being strong is allowing the process to happen through us from the inside-out. So much of our yearning for something, someone, or some place starts with an internal longing, which can only be satisfied from within first. Then we can be led to connect with other healthy relationships that contribute to our structure of strength. Much of our efforts are often overshadowed by neglect, hesitation, and the weight of honesty that comes with this effort. But we can do this! Yes we can!

So be aware of the lies, systems, and those who say no to our focus. Before we have sound healing effects on others in any kind of outreach, there must first be a profound in-reach. We have to first understand the value and significance of self-care and internal building before we go abroad. Self-love is where our strength begins and continues. Some of us have been attacked by so much pain and depression that it has seduced us with temporary fixes and helped us latch onto inflations that draw us away from the beautiful power that lives in our core. "There is a light that shinneth in every man [woman] and that light is the Christ."

So remember (nakumbuka) to give attention to the things in our lives that contribute to our strength, and watch us grow—stronger!

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