July 14, 2017

Success Story

by William Goehler (author's profile)



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CDC#: K77832
Institution: Mule Creek State Prison
Type: Consultation
Date: 08/03/2017
Time: 10:30 AM
Location: Mule Creek State Prison

Between The Bars
OMG! An August date with the Commissioners? I love it! Imagine their surprise when I explain their terms of surrender are unacceptable. It's taken 20 years for my voice chords to heal, and this scapegoat will have plenty of tales to tell when I wander out of this wilderness - if/when I'm released from this exile.

And if that happens to keep me in exile, I still will not be silenced from waking people up to the obvious. We all pretty much get what we deserve in life. People deserve to understand that! I'm able to help develop that understanding where ever I am, and so I will! One burning bush at a time if need be, I'm proud as can be when I see people accept responsibility for every decision they've made and determine to make better decisions - for the greatest good!
St. Luke 12:48

William Goehler K77832
Received on 23 June 2017 from Joe Riley

Success Story by Joe Bush

Scientology changed my life. Literally, as I tell a lot of people. I feel like I have the answers to the test; the test of life. Now I have tools to apply to whatever adversity I face.

I was raised by an alcoholic/addict mother who was raising my older brother, my younger brother and I just for the paycheck. She was getting $900 a month from my dad. I don't think she spent very much of that $900 a month on us three boys because I remember constantly starving, being constantly hungry. I'd love to go to friend's houses just to eat, or going to my dad's every other weekend just to eat. I remember feeling nurtured by my aunt and just how good that felt. I learned that whatever I could take and get away with taking; I could have, and the only difference between me not having something and having was me taking it. So from the age of about 9 or 10 on up until my adult years I first was a thief, constantly getting high, and then I was a robber.

After my mom passed away; I moved down to Southern California (When I was 18), continued to get high and then started going to Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous to try to handle myself. I was surrounded with people who told me that I should repeat over and over again that I'm an addict and to stay in the moment; that then I could have a different life. But that didn't work for me. I reminded myself over and over that I was an addict and so I did what an addict does, and used drugs.

I found heroin and started using heroin and got strung out (experiencing the strong effects of drugs) on heroin. Then I started robbing banks and got caught for bank robberies and did time in prison. That was nice, because for the first time in my life, at the age of 26, I ate three meals a day. I went to terminal Island federal prison for bank robbery for 42 months and started to go to college while I was there. The girl I was seeing before prison came to visit me while I was in and when I got out, I married her. We stayed married for a year until my little brother told me had HIV which in 1995 was a death sentence. I started using heroin and cocaine again and started robbing stores and this time when I got caught they gave me 43 years and I had to do 80% of that. I spent the next twenty-two years in a level four "180" prison which are the most violent of the most violent.

One day I wanted to change. I wanted to stop using drugs and so started asking everybody I knew that didn't do drugs, Free staff, Correctional officers, etc.; what they did and how they deal with adversity and it all came down to perspective. How they thought about things. I started going to self-help groups and then I started facilitating self-help groups. I was wishing that there was a way to find those triggers before I triggered them.

A friend of mine in prison asked me if I would help him out and go to a Scientology group meeting because he had an outside Scientologist coming in and he needed bodies. I said sure I'd go. He asked me to read some literature and I said, "No thanks I've rea a little bit about it before and it seems like a scam to me", he said I know, I just want you to read it anyway just so it sounds like you know what you're talking about for this outside Scientologist. I read it and found some answers I'd been looking for. I found out that Scientology is all about ridding ourselves of those triggers. And so I asked him what this group was and he said it's Scientology Prison Outreach and it's a pilot program that he started with the help of Joe Riley, a Scientologist. This friend had Scientology books and lessons. I started out with the basic study manual and I read The Fundamentals of Thought and The Problems of Work; and I found more answers.

I learned about ARC, and I learned about control and start, change, stop and about, Be Do Have, and I learned that the only wrong thing to do is nothing. I learned so much more. I learned about the emotional tone scale. I learned what a problem is and how to solve it. I learned what confusion is and how to remedy it. I learned the directions to open up the can and I opened it!

I was paroled 12 years early and now I work as a manager for a Scientology company and have been studying the Basics of Scientology and starting to live a better life.

In my own words (And perhaps this expression is left over from my prison days) "There Mother F___________! Take That! That's for the greater good of the greater number of Dynamics! I am now able! I am now able to help and be helped! I've got the answers to the mother f________ test Bro!!! WooWhoooo!!!!!

Joe Bush


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Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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