July 16, 2017

Comment response

by Paul Leone
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Hey there my Niece Jeanette! :)
This is to reply to the comment you left on my blog post. Well on that name, it is correct for my English spoken name. But now in Mexican if I use Raul, or Saul, or Zaul, or Pablo these all mean the same name only spoken in Mexican so yeah they are all legal to use. The same as my middle name is Wayne, which in our family they all called me Wayne. I'm glad to hear you got a family to at least when you get old you will have someone to look after you. :) Please tell Josh I said Hello and I'm glad for the both of you being together, and for him to take care.

Hey sweet niece,
I wrote you a whole 4 pages and sent it to the only address I have. That is the one on Avon Street. SO I hope you get mail there. I tried to tell you something about your dadd's people. But I will write you some more about what I know of ok. I have put in to make a phone call to your number. But I don't know if I will get to talk to you. We can only add or change our visit list every 6 months and I have just in Jun
e added one person and had this other person taken off, So I remember you have to be on my visit list for me to be able to call you. The request I put in I ask for a special call. So we will see ok. I hope you will see this message soon. Well I love you very much & hope to get to know you a lot better. I'm out, until next time!
Love- U Raul Love-U

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