Oct. 10, 2018

The White Justice Black High-Tech-Lynching Victim

by Leon Irby (author's profile)


"I hope someone gets my message..." in the universe!!!

The white justice black high-tech-lynching victim

A prayer for justice!!!


I still pray for just mercy from the appellate court.

"Looking good"!!!

It shall concur what with giving the political DA the forbidden second kick at the black cat; with four additional accusers testifying - the blantantly (sic) (BLATANTLY!!!) prejudiced white judge transformed himself into the case pro-active prosecutors!!!



White justice black high-tech-lynching victim

CBS.com/The Talk
09-24-2018 Mon. 1 P.M. CDT

Hot topic:

Dr. Bill Cosby's set criminal sentencing (09-26-2018) Tues.

The malicious three white women co-host, one by one vehemently wanted this one time convicted elder black man (82-yrs old) to be condemned to death!

"Hebe Comer tha judge"!!!

The white judge concurred in sentencing Dr. Cosby to 3 to 10 (at age 82!!) years! Indeed a high-tech lynching!!

I pray you all are ready for the "O.J." type adverse reaction to his purported unjust death!!!

As a side bar, the U.S. Supreme Court wisely banned the death penalty for rape!!



White justice black high-tech-lynching victim

Ms. Gloria Allred
Racist lynch mob

GET READY for the after-verdict circa Feb. 2019 "come down" when the other folks, whom dissent (esp. 2016 Trumpedo!!!) tears of empathy for this old feeble 82 YEARS OLD - gentleman: Dr. Bill Cosby - fall like the Biblical 40-days "hard rain"!!!

Sign of the times!!

Wendyshow.com 09-26-2016, The Wendy Bag, 83 yrs old mom gave her HELL! Amen!

ABC.com/The view 09-26-2018, Sunny Hostin's social group; some of them is already feeling that "hard rain" fall!!!



Heather Ann Thompson Thinks the Justice System is Unfair
Interview by Ana Marie Cox


Author and historian


Thompson is the author of "Blood in the Water: The Attica Prison Uprising of 1971 and Its Legacy". She is the recipient of the 2017 Pulitze Prize in History.

Her Top 5 Uprisings of the 20th Century
1. Wounded Knee, 1973
2. Attica, 1971
3. Detroit, 1967
4. Watts, 1965
5. Philadelphia, 1964

Photograph by Andrew T. Warman

You just won a Pulitzer Prize for your history of the 1971 Attica prison uprising - and the cover-up of the atrocities that happened when the state took the prison back. How did you first become interested in civil rights issues?

I grew up in Detroit in the '70s, and everything was happening at once. The drug war was in full swing, the city of Detroit had been under black leadership for a decade, the recession had taken an incredible toll. I was growing up in the epicenter of America, a white girl in a mostly black city trying to understand all of that politically.

I have to ask: Are you from DETROIT Detroit?


You point out not only that the war on crime was a bipartisan effort - it started with LBJ but grew under Nixon - but also that it wasn't really in response to a crime uptick, as many Americans thought at the time.

It was pure rhetoric. It was a policy choice, not a crime imperative. Attica helps us understand the emotional fury of the punitive spirit that takes over the country in the '80s and '90s. The civil rights movement comes North, and all of a sudden, Johnson starts to sound like Bull Connor, right? It was legitimate when it was the South, but now it's just a bunch of disorder carried out by thugs.

I got deja vu reading the book because some of the language sounded so familiar to what we hear today. That rhetoric is so powerful.

And the politics behind it matter. It isn't just self-serving rhetoric: It's about rhetoric that lulls voters into feeling that they're doing something to better the nation when in fact nothing is being done to address the real social problem. What narrative do you give people to make sense of what had happened in the world around them? I was so struck by how the Attica protesters were trying to call attention to terrible prison conditions, but the spin made it seem as if they were the problem.

What kind of spin?

When you tell the nation that hippies are violent, the anti-war protesters are violent, prisoners are violent, civil rights is really about thuggery instead of genuine rights, then, all of a sudden, you look at Kent State, you look at the Chicago convention of '68, you look at Attica and you completely miss the fact that all the violence was state violence.

How have people responded to the book?

I thought, if anything, the cover-up would be what got attention. You know what everybody focuses on? The conditions. And yet things are much worse today than they were in 1971. We have people serving decades in solitary confinement. We have more life sentences than we've ever had. We have more children in solitary confinement. And the overcrowding is worse than it was during Attica.

If there are some truths that you could make clear to Americans about civil or criminal justice reform, what would they be?

There is very little relationship between who is locked up and the concept of justice. Americans don't understand that people in prison are often there because of where the policing was. What's more: White people need to start telling the truth about the way this justice system works. Because every white person - particularly middle- and upper-class white people - knows that they are not as worried about their children becoming trapped in the system unjustly.

Was there anything that surprised you during your reporting?

Sometimes I hear from people who have served time who say that prison was a place where they could finally get help, and that has been hard for me to process. I realized that one reason that's the case with a lot of people is because it's an institution and, for some people, they actually have health care for the first time, or housing for the first time. That's what's so powerfully sad about this whole story: It isn't that we don't know how to help people, but that we continue to do it through a PRISON, as opposed to other institutions. It could be so much better.

White justice black high-tech lynching victims:


Since the "Birth of the Nation" all black boys and men have been mislabeled:

"Violent sexual predators"!!!

Mr. Emmett Till
Mr. Michael Jackson
Mr Nate Parker

Now added 09-25-2018
Dr. William "Bill" Cosby, PhD

Ad nauseam!!

#strangefruit/ad nauseam!!!


White justice black high-tech lynched victim

Super-model Beverly Johnson

On NBC.com/Evening News Tues. 09-25-2018 5:30 p.m. CDT

Ms. Beverly Johnson with a calm countenance exclaimed that Dr. Bill Cosby conviction and sentencing of 3 to 10 years, with $25,000, and classified a violent sexual predator!! "is a step forward" #metoo

Still! I pray she'll allow Ms. Oprah to take her down to the Montgomery (AL) memorial museum to black lynching victims. CBS.com News|60 Minutes 8-12-2018 6 p.m. CDT

# She has been (O.J.) white too long!!



White justice black high-tech lynching victims:

Notice: Know that it was only after Dr. Bill Cosby, PhD commenced to SPEAK-OUT-TRUTH ON RACE MATTERS:

He was added to the high-tech lynched:

Dr MLK, Jr
Minister Malcolm X
Emmett Till
John Brown

Now 09-25-2018 Dr Bill Cosby, PhD, ad nauseam!!!


White Justice
Black high-tech lynched victim

Ms. Andrea Constand you brought down Bill Cosby - Anchor Kate Snow...
NBC.com/Evening News.
09-25-2018 Tues. 5:30 p.m. CDT!


She and her rabid lynch mob - strung-up another innocent black man!!! "Strange fruit"!!


She kept his "dirty cash"!!


She is advancing the gay movement!!


The Washington Post
Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Kirk Odom, shown with wife Harriet in March, is set to have his conviction overturned because of erroneous forensics testimony at his trial.

Prosecutors: D.C. man is innocent

Kirk Odom, convicted of 1981 rape, served 20 years in prison

By Spencer S. Hsu

Federal prosecutors agreed Tuesday that a Washington man imprisoned for 20 years for rape is innocent and they acknowledged scientific errors in his case after DNA evidence proved that another man committed the crime.

Kirk L. Odom will become the second District man in two months and the third in three years to have his conviction for rape or murder overturned because of erroneous hair matches claimed in court by FBI forensic experts.

Odom's case was featured in a series of articles in April in which The Washington Post reported that Justice Department officials have known for years that flawed forensic work might have led to the convictions of potentially innocent people.

Odom, 49, served his sentence and was released from prison in 2003. He was convicted of raping, sodomizing and robbing a 27-year-old woman before dawn in her Capitol Hill apartment in 1981. However, court-ordered DNA testing revealed in January that the hair fragment in his case could not have come from Odom.

Further DNA testing of stains on a pillowcase and robe indicated that only other man, not Odom, could have committed the crime.

"More than 30 years after Mr. Odom's conviction, DNA testing reveals that he suffered a terrible injustice", U.S. Attorney Ronald C. Machen Jr. wrote in a two-page filing in D.C. Superior Court.

"The United States expresses its profound regret for the harm suffered by Mr. Odom, and requests that this Court immediately vacate Mr. Odom's convictions and dismiss the indictments against him with prejudice", Machen wrote.

Odom, who was identified in court as the attacker by the victim, was thrilled at the news.

"Oh my goodness, the storm is over, yes yes!" Odom said from the office of his attorney, Sandra K. Levick, chief of special litigation for the District Public Defender Service.

"There's no more dark clouds, and the sun is beginning to shine very bright", said Odom, who lives in Southeast Washington with his wife, Harriet, a medical counselor.

Asked if he would say anything to police or prosecutors, or to the victim, Odom responded, "There's nothing much to say except, 'God bless you'."

The Post generally does not name victims of sexual assaults without their permission.

The man whose DNA matched the stains is a convicted sex offender. He will not be charged, because the statute of limitations has expired on the crime, Machen said.

In a written statement, Machen endorsed eliminating the statute of limitations on sex crimes.

"Though we can never give him back the years that he lost, we can give Mr. Odom back his unfairly tarnished reputation", Machen wrote. "Three decades ago, law enforcement got it wrong: Mr. Odom did not commit this crime... It is never too late to secure justice - even if that means correcting a grave injustice from decades earlier."

Odom would become the 293rd person cleared by post-conviction DNA testing in the United States, after the judge rules on what is now a joint motion between the prosecution and defense.

Odom would be released from lifelong parole and no longer would have to register as a sex offender. He also would be allowed to seek financial compensation for damages sustained during his 20-year incarceration. Prosecutors also said they would agree to seal his arrest and conviction record.

In May a Superior Court judge dismissed the murder conviction against Santae A. Tribble, 51, after DNA tests disproved testimony at his trial from an FBI hair expert linking him to the 1978 killing of a District taxi driver. In December 2009, Donald E. Gates was exonerated of a 1981 rape and murder in Rock Creek Park - again after DNA tests ruled out a hair match claimed by the FBI.

"We salute Mr. Odom for having the courage and fortitude to withstand more than 31 years convicted of terrible crimes for which he was absolutely innocent", Levick said. "We salute the United States Attorney's Office for joining us today to remedy this tragic injustice. And we salute the Department of Justice and the FBI for agreeing to a review of all cases involving hair evidence of the kind used to convict Mr. Odom, Mr. Tribble and Mr. Gates."


[further articles and headlines about overturned cases and case reviews]

Black high-tech lynching victim!

Dr. Bill Cosby went to the pen! AKA jailhouse!

Donald J. Trumpedo went to the White House

Brett Kavanaugh is set to go onto the U.S. Supreme Court

see below pp. 2-4

[articles about Christine Blasey Ford and the Kavanaugh accusations]

Activist makes plea for 'different justice system'
[article under above headline]

The badass Pussy Riot

Pussy Riot poisoning

NBC.com News 09-18-2018 5:30 p.m. CDT.

Comrade Peter Verzilov, was poisoning by the Russian government.

www.theweek/The World at a Glance
Sept. 28, 2018 p.9 News.

I pray for your victory!!




(The following are excerpts from a talk I gave to members of a congregation in Chicago. I thought it might be helpful for you to hear what those of us on the outside are saying about your situation in prison. Your comments are welcome. The talk was about doing service as a volunteer.)

Why do we bother? Why do we put forth the effort? Why do we extend a hand to someone? Why do we consider the needs of others? Why do we care to care? Why do we stretch and bend to make a connection? What good is it that we believe we are doing? Rarely do we ask ourselves these questions; instead we sign up, get involved, collect the clothes, give out the food, nod our heads appropriately giving of our time and contributing to the community. We feel good, we feel complete, we feel connected, and we have a story to share at a dinner party. For those of us in the middle class, service is often displayed in overtures of gestures that place us for short periods of time directly in front of someone who normally would make us uncomfortable. We come to serve THEM, to offer THEM, to change THEM, to show THEM, to give THEM. When service is provided out of guilt, supremacy and ignorance it is dangerous. Yet when service becomes an opening for a mutual relationship in which there is no predictable outcome of exchange, no hierarchy of experience, no conditional validation! When no limitations are placed on the heart a relationship of integrity can begin for however long or short it may be.

I work as a volunteer chaplain at Stateville Correctional Center. Most chaplains have a little cloth bag of literature and walk on the concrete floor from cell house to cell house where thousands of men are housed 23 of 24 hours a day. This is a prison with a dozen training centers for carpentry, auto body, plumbing and electrical work that have been closed and empty for years. This is a prison filled with addicts in need of treatment and 20 year olds with 30 year mandatory drug sentences.

One day, while walking in the general population I said to an older man "I'm chaplain Karen, is there anything on your heart that you want to talk about?" The older man walked over to the open bars of his cell and said "I don't have any complaints really." I asked why that is? He said "I am not going to die anytime soon." This was the week that dozens of men had been released from a death sentence by Gov. Ryan. They had moved from Pontiac to Stateville with a new life sentence. "I have to adjust everything now. When you are getting ready to be executed you wake up in the morning one way, now I feel like I have to figure out what to do with the rest of my life." We talked more about the pros and cons of death row vs. a life, hobbies, the temperament of God, repentance, movies, art, and the tricks his brain played on him that he claimed prompted him to kill others. When we parted, he said, "Thanks for not giving me all that preachy crap, it is just too shallow for us guys who have been in prison for years." I said I agreed. What did I learn about service that day? I learned that to serve in a prison is to confront our own fears, "that could have been me". I learned that to serve in a prison is to walk on unyielding concrete while remaining flexible. I learned that to serve in a prison is to reach beyond the safety yellow line to hold hands to pray. I learned that to serve in a prison is to be repulsed by your own love for a murderer. I learned that to serve in a prison is to reach for ambiguity to keep a balance. What has life taught you to serve in a prison as a volunteer? I am certain it is more than you think.

Rev. Karen Hutt

(Your comments regarding this talk are welcome. What do you want people on the outside need to know when they volunteer in a prison?)

PC and/or cultural word game and apologia!

A viewer's viewpoint on the ABC.com/The View, Thur. 09-13-2018, 10 a.m. CDT; with contrite guest - Mr. Norm Cosby, actor, comedian and human!!!

Tell what they say!!!

Like a zillion other U.S. citizens appeared to apologize for purported comments offending the "Me Too movement" and "Down syndrome" persons!

He was made to confess, and - and flagellate and humiliate himself! Self-censor! And to bite his tongue (i.e. silence him!!!) - and grovel at Red Chairman Mao and Communist audience and/or "committee" FEET!!!!

As a legal slave (13th Amend.) I so personally deeply felt his public shame and my own outrage!!! See below, p. 3.

So what now:

What with the "gay rights movement"!!! These "elist PC police" shall make "mind slave" (1984) of all American citizens!!!

Pity the fool!!!


Please weigh that with each penitent perhaps/may make five angry resisters (esp. in Rush Limbaugh's "red neck country"!!!)


By a feminist

Sometimes I just can't help believing that this whole wide world is just one big prison yard.

Some of us are prisoners and some of us are guards.

- The Ballad of George Jackson
by: Bob Dylan

7:30 A.M., CDT


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