Oct. 14, 2018

The Components of Understanding from The Scientology Handbook

by William Goehler (author's profile)


The Components of Understanding
from The Scientology Handboook


1. Read the section "Affinity".

2. Essay: This Course Glossary defines Affinity as: love, liking or any other emotional attitude, the degree of liking. The basic definition of affinity is the consideration of distance, whether good or bad. The handbook says: "The most basic function of complete affinity would be the ability to occupy the same space as something else." The handbook goes on to say: "Affinity is never identification (becoming one with another in feeling or interest) nor does it go quite so far as empathy (the power or state of imagining oneself to be another person and even share his ideas or feelings). You remain very much yourself when you have affinity for something but you also feel the essence of the thing for which you have affinity. You remain yourself and yet you draw closer to the object for which you have affinity. It is not a binding quality. There are no strings attached when affinity is given. To the receiver it carries no duties and no responsibilities. It is pure, easy and natural and flows out from the individual as easily as sunlight flows from the sun. Affinity begets affinity."

3. Practical Exercise: 1 - For the Love of Truth. I am a fan of LRH's ability to codify the obvious, which is evident in my ability to communicate with the reality he presents. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance would be at Enthusiasm. 2 - All around me I see people who are totally withdrawn from everybody, with no apparent interest in anything. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance would be at Apathy. 3 - I have a friend at Mecca who writes me regularly and sometimes appears cautious of asserting truths - but rather invites support by practical reasoning and social graces. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance would be at Conservatism. 4 - Living at a Penal Colony, the environment reeks of Degraded Beings who are immoral, dishonest and destructive of any and all ethics. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance by unprofessional Correctional Officers, would be at Anger/Hate. 5 - Considering their wardship of cowardly criminals whose apparent worth is outweighed by vicious hidden intents and underhanded displays of action, it's understandable. The "emotional attitude" in this instance would be at Covert Hostility. 6 - In either case of DB dramatizations above, I understand their dislike of Big Beings, and consequently, I limit communications to casual conversations of ordinary affairs - whenever I'm unable to avoid them altogether. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance would be Boredom. 7 - Sometimes, though, when I feel up to the game of raising the attitude of these DBs, it's quite easy to engage them with an overwhelming spell of authoritarianism, boldly expressing my resentment of their covert hostility. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance would be Overt Hostility/Antagonism. 8 - My refuge from this low-tone environment is most often concentrated in Creations of artworks. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance would be Aesthetic. 9 - Many - many of us who are entombed in this penalogical purgatory are starving for intimacy, yet due to a chain of betrayals of intimacy, many of us tend to sabotage such opportunities whenever they present themselves. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance would be Fear. 10 - On the other hand - at the other end of the spectrum of emotional attitudes, some of us understand the human condition and simply live and let live. The "emotional attitude" displayed in this instance would be Serenity.

4. Read the section "Reality".

5. Essay: The Course Glossary defines Reality as: that which appears to be. Reality is fundamentally agreement: the degree of agreement reached by people. What we agree to be real is real. The handbook says: "For all practical purposes, reality consists of your perception of it, and your perception of reality consists, to a large extent, of what you can communicate with other people."

6. Practical Exercise: 1 - After taking a poll, everyone agrees that they are Earthlings. 2 - They were divided 50/50 whether they were Human Beings having a Spiritual Experience, or Spiritual Beings having a Human Experience. 3. A number of people here agree that they are Prisoners. 4. But an equal number agree that they are Free - from all the problems of Life outside prison. 5 - Everyone I polled agrees that this Penal Colony inhabits both Suppressive and Suppressed type of people. 6 - Very few agree that they are able to manage to live a moral life. 7 - Attending several Self-Help/Cognitive Thinking-type groups here over the years has revealed that the majority are being led to believe they are victims of their environment. 8 - Having created a Scientology Prison Outreach here to help remind people that we are each responsible for our own decisions in life - developed an agreement of Interest. 9 - Again, a 50/50 division between SP/PTS ambition to restore responsibility to criminals in exile. 10 - SPs agree Psychotropic Medication and/or Religion, are best methods of rehabilitation, whereas PTS's understand Knowledge is Power, and prefer to rather study to apply - Excalibur.

7. Read the section "Communication".

8. Essay: The Course Glossary defines Communication as: an interchange of ideas across space between two individuals. The handbook says: "Communication is the solvent for all things. In order for there to be communication, there must be agreement on reality and communication. In order for there to be reality and agreement, there must be affinity and communication - 1, 2, 3. If you knock affinity out, communication and reality go. If you knock reality out, communication and affinity will go. If you knock communication out, they will all go." Communication is the heart of life (Understanding), and is by thousands % the senior in importance to affinity and reality. Communication = Consideration.

9. Practical Exercise: 1 - At just a fraction of a degree above apathy, the vast majority here in purgatory prefer to live Life vicariously through their TVs. The 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm. would be at Sympathy. 2 - Far too many prisoners suffer the dispersion of nullification because they're in comm with Psych Industry stratagems, endeavoring to manipulate "the system". The 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm. would be at Sympathy/Self-Abasement. 3 - The majority of these victims of DB domination are prescribed Psychotropics, willingly accepted as "free drugs" - and consequently the corresponding 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm would be Numb. 4 - My game of reviving amnesiacs employ knowledge, responsibility and control of The Ises. The 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm. would be at Games. 5- For instance, apathetic victims are entertained by the terror of a clown acting a fool, and hence their (mis-)perception is considering the mystery of my burlesque antics ad thusly - the 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm. would be at Fear/Anxiety. 6 - This contest in overwhelmings provokes dormant anchor points as a test of integrity, promoting ANY impinging comm above apathy. Most often... the safest 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm. would be from Covert Hostility - to - Resentment. 7 - Of course these burlesque antics provoke points of view from chronic anger-cases as well from time to time, also testing their integrity to express their truth. Immoral beings that they are, I'm often able to have them consider problems of comparable magnitude. The 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm would be at Antagonism. 8 - Amongst them who occupy their mind on the game/purpose of getting high, it's easy to have them consider the insanity involved, when it's presented with a sense of humor. The emotional attitude displayed in this comm would be at Boredom. 9 - As a haven from their bestial games I'm able to demonstrate professional amenity whenever I represent Scientology Prison Outreach (SPO) reassuring others that we are able to re-consider apparencies and Be more at Cause in Life. The 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm. would be at Interest. 10 - When all is said and done ad I re-Group with Source, I simply determine to inflow LRH lectures. The 'emotional attitude' displayed in this comm would be at Serenity of Beingness, as a Student Of Life.

10. Read the article "The ARC Triangle"

11. Essay: The Course Glossary stipulates: The ARC Triangle is a symbol of the fact that affinity, reality and communication act together to bring about understanding. No point of the triangle can be raised without also raising the other two points, and no point of it can be lowered without also lowering the other two points. The handbook elaborates the fact that: The triangle is not an equilateral triangle. Affinity and reality are very much less important than communication. It might be said that the triangle begins with communication, which brings into existence affinity and reality.

12. Practical Exercise: It is easy to see that Birds of a feather flock together - and that Aberrations are contagious. In Prisons' DB environment, low-tone cultural morals perpetuate (entheta) Criminal Mentalities amongst most. Consequently the enticement of Group Think re-forms petty criminals into criminal geniuses. Without rehab services nurturing the noosphere (A.R.C. = Understanding), I look around and see bestial games herding (c) diverse groups into conformity (A) with the most charismatic and powerful demagogues projecting their (R) game for others TO BE or not TO BE. DB officers understanding criminal group-think are able to identify (c) each group (R) of individuated thugs by the company they keep (A).

For me to wear my ennobling protagonist hat, it merely requires controlling Necessity Levels to challenge considerations. That means I must maintain awareness (ARC) with each individual's emotional attitude (A). To the chronic Anger I approach (c) in Fear or Antagonism to develop (A) corresponding relationship. With Affinity established the misunderstood considerations (R) can be handled by applying definition (differentiative/descriptive/associative/action) in order to develop ARC.

Communication is the Universal Solvent in the game of Life (understanding), wherever that life becomes trapped in automaticities of status quo.

13. Read "How to Use the ARC Triangle"

14. Essay: One's ability to Communicate is influenced by one's 'emotional attitude' (A) and ability to agree (R) with another's point of view. The necessity level requires communication to develop some/any Reality (Above 2.0 is toward Survival Postulates vis-a-vis Below 2.0 is towards Succumb). Ergo, the triangle is not an equilateral triangle. Affinity and reality are very much less important than communication. It might be said that the triangle begins with Communication, which brings into existence affinity and reality.

15. Practical Exercise: Recently I've begun a new job as a Special Purchase Order Clerk. Applying the Formula to rise up from the Non-Existence Condition, I am able to develop Reality of my post/purpose, and the corresponding freedoms and barriers.

16. In this low tone DB environment, I've gravitated to the other clerks and prisoner advocates, soliciting their help to better understand my job-duties.

17. The necessity level of this new post requires me TO BE diligent in applying the communication formula to help others better understand my ('emotional attitude') level of responsibility toward professionalism. Duplicating uncertainties or potential liabilities permitted consideration of aptitude with maintaining my SPO space, and consequently permits duplication of Professional Intent with this new post.

18. Essay: Raising ARC with a person requires identification of another's reality to engage in accord with their emotional attitude. Locating mutual interest, apply comm. formula: CAUSE "interchange of ideas", Distance - EFFECT, with Intention and corresponding Attention/Duplication with Understanding.

19. Practical Exercise: Bestial body-builders appreciate Admiration. Flea Market hustlers appreciate Customers. Professional Clerks appreciate helping Aspiring Candidates. Custody Staff appreciate Model Prisoners. Course Proctors appreciate Student Aptitude.

20. Final Essay: Life is a game consisting of Freedoms, Barriers and Purposes. The "Components of Understanding" are Affinity, Reality and Communication. Understanding is Knowingness of life. And because life is understanding it attempts to understand. When it faces the incomprehensible it feels balked and baffled. To understand all would be to live at the highest level of potential action and ability.

Course Results: The benefit of demonstrating aptitude on paper is that it builds confidence to apply practical Knowledge, Responsibility and Control: ARC = KRC in my zone of influence. The Supreme Test.

Yes, I authorize all or part of this work product to be published.

W Goehler 9-18


Words often have several meanings. The definitions used here only give the meaning that the word has as it is use in these ( ) references.

(9) Practical Exercise 3 - DB: Degraded Beings, instinctively resent and seek to obstruct any person in charge of anything or any Big Being, as they have been painfully indoctrinated with violent measures in the past. 3 - DOMINATION: is forcing the other person to do exactly what is desired with the mechanism of recrimination and denial of friendship or support unless instant compliance takes place. It seeks by anger and outright criticism, accusation, and other mechanisms to pound another individual into submission by making him less. 4 - The ISES: As-Isness, Alter-Isness, Is-ness, Not-Isness.

(12) Practical Exercise - NECESSITY LEVEL: that amount of urgency or commotion necessary in the environment to extrovert the individual and put him into motion in present time.


The confusion or inability to grasp or learn new material is because a person goes past a word that was not understood. The confusion comes AFTER a word that the person did not have defined. Therefore, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. A good Dictionary is most advantageous!


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Destinyjoy Posted 11 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 11 months, 1 week ago   Favorite
Dad, hey it's me, your daughter Destiny. I think about you everyday. I hope you know you are so loved. I wish you were here. There's so many times everyday that I think to myself I wish you were here to help me. For some reason I know in my heart that you can and if you could you would and when you can you will. We just need to keep in contact but it's just so hard to do with the way that I'm living right now. I love you Dad and hope your ok. Please don't ever let that light within you dim at all. I've got a feeling all your hard work will all be worth it soon. Your important. I love you. I really do.

Destinyjoy Posted 11 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 11 months, 1 week ago   Favorite
Ha I just realised I didn't even read this when I commented on what you wrote about knowledge. I just commented on this one without reading it and then started reading everything before it so I didn't realise that

joeriley@mailpac.net Posted 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 10 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite
Hi Destiny, Joe Riley here. You can email me at joeriley@mailpac.net. Perhaps I can be of help. I'm so glad you are communicating to your father. It has been a long term goal of mine that his family get back in touch with him. Best, Joe R.

joeriley@mailpac.net Posted 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 10 months, 3 weeks ago   Favorite
Hey Bill, I got your letters and will get together the requested info. Hope to see you before the year is out. Best, Joe R.

Erne2017SPO-T Posted 10 months, 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 10 months, 1 week ago   Favorite
5 Nov 2018
Hi Destiny:
Your Dad wrote me today. I live in Florida. He has a pretty awesone special gift for his grandchild that he is having me send. Is there anyway you can get in touch with me so I can send it to you. I don't have an address.

William Goehler Posted 9 months, 4 weeks ago.   Favorite
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William Goehler Posted 9 months, 3 weeks ago.   Favorite
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