Dec. 5, 2018

Solutions ot a Dangerous Environment

by William Goehler (author's profile)



Solutions To A Dangerous Environment
From The Scientology Handbook

1. Read the article "The Dangerous Environment".

2. Essay: How is the environment being made to appear more dangerous than it really is?

Professional dangerous environment makers require a dangerous environment for their existence. Politicians, police, the newspaperman - these people sell a dangerous environment. They feel that if they did not sell people on the idea the environment is dangerous, they'd lose their tax-dollar extortion "protection" racket.

3. Essay: What happens when a person has too much challenge in his environment?

People become overwhelmed and dis-abled. Their existence becomes as apathetic or as unhappy as their environment produces sufficient "challenge" to make them feel "inadequate" to be cause and care for that environment.

4. Read the article "The Merchants of Chaos".

5. Essay: What is a merchant of chaos?

These are people who gain some sort of advantage, they feel, if the environment is made to look more threatening.

6. Practical Exercise.

Watching the news on TV, it's easy to see why disabled tax-payers are forced to pay for protection. Throwing more money at problems which seem to only get worse as tax bandits grow/demand more and more control.

7. Read the article "Ways to lessen the threat"

8. Practical Exercise: Take a walk around the block, looking at things as you walk. Compare how threatening the environment seemed before and how it seems now.

Califelony Prisons: "The Toughest Beat On The Street", tax-payers are led to belief - the threat justifies the ever growing Budget. Yet, walking around here reveals drug addicts and thugs lined-up in the canteen line to spend monies their families send in - taxed 55% by the state extortioners. Others are playing basketball or soccer. Other prisoners are playing card games. Some are exercising. Others walk aimlessly, killing time. The Toughest Beat seems more like an asylum where DB's flounder! End product: 80% recidivism.

9. Practical Exercise: Find a friend or family member who is feeling overwhelmed by the environment and help them, using one of the seven techniques given in the section "Ways to Lessen the Threat".

There's a Type Three case I know who is often overwhelmed by religious demagogues prophesying doom and gloom which appears to coincide with secular demagogues on the "news" stations. Many times this case spouts a duplication of that demagogic data, and the people around him become overwhelmed and - unable to communicate, they flee from him. But not me! I'm attracted to crazy people who agonize over their observations. After validating their point of view and offering similar observations - in a much calmer manner to establish ARC, I suggest #2 - Don't entertain religious or secular demagogues for a fortnight to see how much difference it makes in your PT life.

10. Read the article "Confront".

11. Essay: What does a person's ability to confront have to do with what he can improve in his life?

Finding something that the person can confront handling is essential to getting their agreement to handle it.

12. Practical Exercise: Help a person by getting him to write down a short list of the problems he has in life/find which one of those is easiest for him to confront and write down what he absolutely knows for sure he could do about it - and get him to do it.

Subject has a full table of problems ranging from:
Getting out of prison/legal technicalities involving that.
Getting out of prison/shelter, food and employment, transportation.
Staying sober, reconnecting with family.

The easiest to confront of these, he claims, is contingent upon "getting out of prison", yet upon further consideration it was agreed "staying sober" was the "easiest" to handle - one day at a time.

13. Read the article "The Real World"

14. Final Essay: Course Results

Understanding the Merchants of Chaos fabricate apparencies of a Dangerous Environment, there's no longer sufficient challenge to make one feel "inadequate" to be cause in handling situations in my zone, ARC = KRC.

Yes, I authorize all or part of this work product to be published.

W. Goehler 11/16


The confusion or inability to grasp or learn new material is because a person goes past a word that was not understood. The confusion comes AFTER a word the person did not have defined. Therefore, be very certain you never go past a word you do not fully understand. A good dictionary is most advantageous!


Words often have several meanings. The definitions used here only give the meaning that the word has as it is used in these ( ) references.

(8) DB: Degraded Beings find any instruction painful as they have been painfully indoctrinated with violent measures in the past.

(9) Type Three: Potential trouble source - Type three, is mostly in institutions or would be. On this case the apparent suppressive people are spread all over the world. The person sometimes has ghosts about him or demons - and they are just more apparent but imaginary as beings. PTS: 2. Somebody who is connected with a suppressive who is invalidating him, his beingness, his life.

(9) PT: Present time

(9) Life: 1. (understanding). To understand all would be to live at the highest level of potential action and ability. Because life is understanding (affinity, reality, communication) it attempts to understand. When it faces the incomprehensible it feels balked and baffled. 6. Life is a game consisting of freedom, barriers and purposes.

Special Note: "Because our establishment educators have rooted out the disciplines of logic, philosophy, rhetoric and writing, most of our citizens are now unable to hold their own against today's demagogues"... - The "Whatever Society", p. 232 CLONING OF THE AMERICAN MIND - by B. K. Eakman.

One is punished most for one's virtues.


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