Dec. 4, 2018

Your Worth

From Real Talk Always by Anthony P. Heard Jr.


Real Talk Always

Ms. L: Your Worth

Until you heal the wounds of your past, you are going to continue to bleed outta those wounds. You can bandage the wound with work and silly behavior. But in due time, you will bleed and stain everything good in your life. Find within yourself the strength to open the wounds, cast out the infection that lies at the core of your pain, that's slowing your growth into the future, and keeping you locked in your past. The ill memories that hunt you daily, you gotta make peace with them so you can heal and close the open wounds.

So much of the furnish you need to move forward in life comes from your hasty responses, to the way you deal with the abuse he put you through. Believing someone's abuse, that you are at fault, is a false belief. You gotta believe you made it out because somewhere inside of you, you knew what was happening to you wasn't right, and you didn't deserve it. Keyword: SURVIVED.

Your worth isn't anybody else's to give to you or take from you. Your worth is yours. You gotta believe in you. You gotta be better than you were yesterday. Every day should start with you giving yourself compliments. If you don't love and cherish your value, how can you think someone else will? See, when dealing with predatory people, they feed off of your lack of self-esteem. It's what they use to build you and to destroy you. But this wouldn't be a problem if you cherish yourself.

I believe the key for your growth is understanding you survived the nightmare. Which means, you're stronger than you believe. Yes, if you give a child some candy every day and one day don't, they would not know how to cope. It's the same when you've been told you're ugly, stupid, and worthless every day. You form a belief that this is true. When someone says otherwise, it's hard for you to believe. But if you open up your mind and heart to believing you're pretty, smart, and a true queen, you'll form a new belief about yourself.

Real Talk Always


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danielle Posted 4 years, 11 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 10 months ago   Favorite
beautifully said! You cant put duct tape over a hold and call it fixed! I hope you receive the healing you deserve!

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