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i am we wednesday
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Date: 12/30/2018 8:27:05 AM
Subject: reply id: ptdt

thanks 4 ur response

stayin strong 4 da most part. writin n prayin helps, so 2 does designin shoes/colorin em (gone do some 2day) plus workin out/playin ball wit the right group of guys
workin on the "keep lovin" part! determining daily 2 do better. but like myself - in da beginning - some find "love from god/godly people unacceptable. so there's arguments/disagreements, misunderstandins, confusion, grudges, lies, rumors, rejection, etc. (ie humanity)

so in response 2 ur God bless...

the blessing of 2day (12-28-18)
at work in the kitchen god reminded me as i was doin something a co-worker 4got 2 do that i 4got 2 do something
i walked in love by stayin behind 2 fix both problems
also had 2 surrender 2 the person training 2 take my place
sinned 2 times by 9am that i'm aware of (blessin wasn't the sin but awareness that i failed n that i have 2 tighten up)

at 4am god told me 2 fast n pray 4 lunch on behalf of the young men in obs/observation status, one in particular who try'd 2 take his life the day prior :(
slept in till a restless spirit hit me at 12pm so i read MARK 5 prayin verses 8, 19 over the men
read it aloud put'n they names in it
at MARK 5 verse 8 i started put'n the man/men names in it as appropriate doin the same in v. 13, 15, 18-20

at 12:45pm while walkin n prayin i heard staff talkin 2 the guy. i prayed god 2 soften his heart 2 give up the contraband. i then heard his cries that nobody listening 2 him. so i pray god u show up, u r the listenin ear accordin 2 isaiah 50:4 amen. prayed 4 god 2 silence he demonic marketin of the guys neighbors.
in the end the man surrendered the contraband.
praise god. i got the privilege of hearing the prayers answered.
what a god. see daniel 10
in elationship i sang a song "the demons run n flee/at the mention of your name, king of majesty/no power in hell/who can stand/in the presence of the great I AM..."

later seen an ad 4 the bakery school, n thought of the dream i had the previous night of goin back 2 mixin/bakin at work. as i prayed what this all means somebody asked me did i write about the commitment (4 a bakery job)

god im listening


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