Jan. 28, 2019

Daily posts, 1/14-1/20

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Date: 1/14/2019 7:25:08 AM
Subject: share a scripture sunday

at that time I will plant a crop of Israelites
n raise them 4 myself
I will show love
2 those I called, "not loved"
n 2 those I called, "not my people"

Date: 1/15/2019 9:31:31 AM
Subject: misc Monday

lifes life
2day it hit me

keep debating on how 2 write my memoir...decided at bible study 2 stick with the original 4mat n work/research/time/effort I been put'n in since sept 2015 adamant bout get'n it ruff drafted by the end of march.

did a couple shoe designs but don't like em all that much...

got my hair cut so im no longer wearin a hat with a hole in it ha!ha!

Date: 1/18/2019 4:29:04 PM
Subject: Tuesday tutelage

the saying goes
time heals all wounds

in my life travels
with god
ive come 2 know
2 experience


I learned this from the story of joseph. discarded by his brothers he found himself a leader in Egypt. falsely accused he found himself in prison. there he interpreted 2 dreams this ability lead 2 his miraculous release. again in power he found himself face 2 face with his brothers. as they eventually apologized he told them something profound "it was not u who put me here but god..." genesis 50:20

studying the details I seen he was able 2 deal with the wounds of betrayal by divine wisdom. his relationship with god taught him that god allowed all this pain n hurts 2 happen 2 bring the dream HE gave joseph of being RULER OVER HIS BROTHERS N PARENTS. seeing god's divine hand in the matter joseph was eager 2 4give his betrayers n move on with life in a positive manner

in my own life it's easier 2 4give my self n others of wounds we caused me by seeing things from a spiritual perspectives
healed I know all this will turn out beautifully

Date: 1/18/2019 5:07:06 PM
Subject: I am we Wednesday

love yall n doing everything I can 2 b reunited with yall asap
far as that's concerned I've filled out a REQUEST FOR SERIOUS RELEASE CONSIDERATION
which will b taken / put b4 the new governor tony evers
not my intention 2 yall hopes up high but
let u know possible ways god may use 2 release me miraculously
mind u my hope n faith is still in god
my dream of goin home
happened under scott walkers jurisdiction
n he wasn't giving out pardons or the like
god is great n always up 2 something

I look 4ward 2 get'n out miraculously
one day,
maybe MARCH :)
maybe JULY :)
either way 1st thing 1st
find my daughter
giver her the love I owe her
n that she deserves

god thank u 4 restoring me n my daughter 2 each other n answering both our prayers 2 experience one anothers love

Date: 1/19/2019 3:03:08 PM
Subject: thankful Thursday

i'm thankful that...
Priska blessed after me
god helped me spot a piece of plastic that was in my cinnamon roll
we had cinnamon rolls n leftover pizza 4 breakfast in the kitchen
got in the bible early
directed 2 fast from busyness
directed 2 fast from lunch
directed 2 eat 4 dinner grace 2 eat
grace n mercy
divine ability 2 problem solve
god help me notice that we 4got 2 make sugar cookies 4 sunday thank god we got some in the freezer
blessed with an eye 4 details
I can hear gods voice
no longer in bondage
4 god guidance
I'm learning how 2 invest in relationships in a healthy manner
I'm dying 2 self
god gives me words 2 say
believing god 4 miraculously release
had a dream someone spoke up 4 my early release :)
my heart soft enuff 2 b broken
learning 2 set boundaries
the listening ear god gave me
god listening ear
something I gave away came back 2 me
god answered my prayers 2 meet new people
4 gospel music
4 jeremiah 30:19
that I didn't get what I deserved
that I was able 2 answer questions put 2 me by someone I judged by his walk on the way 2 bible study
yup I still got growing 2 do
thank god 4 nother chances 2 get it right

Date: 1/20/2019 2:55:11 PM
Subject: good Friday

it was actually great!
god reminded me of 2 things I 4got 2 do at work
then send me 2 angels 2 help me get my work done
which resulted in my leaving work in the nick of time
2 run back 2 my "car" change clothes n go 2 the library
as god whispered "library 8:25 am"
there he whispered
"drop a gem publishing"
so I put in a request to get the address
mind u we don't got access 2 phone books, google or the like
then I received encouragement/confirmation 2 keep my chapters short in the memoir
they don't have to be long or overly descriptive
later following the whisper 2
"write in the day room"
I was blessed 2 hear some music on someone table
1 song even had the lyrics "6 months"
mind u god been speaking 2 me bout 6 months since November 2017
don't know exactly in reference 2 what
maybe release maybe that's my next defer
or maybe i'll get a 6 month grant (of release)
I just keep preparing
then god pressed upon my spirit that a writing support system is on the way

blessings 2 all

Date: 1/21/2019 8:45:08 AM
Subject: still standing Saturday


it's all good

2day I can testify
that im
still standing
of my faith in god
this is not a cloak
or something 2 hide behind
I stand
as I
surrender more n more 2 god each day
like praying
not 2 fall victim 2 my ungodly short-comins
on accident or on purpose
lord knows i'm guilty of
abusing grace
(best I got 4 emoji's)
then im standing
i'm recognizing
the part I play in all of this
I been running 2 god soon I
peep im going in reverse
like a moment ago
judging somebody
who Christian
4 running 2 the gym
so he could get 1 of the 2 treadmills
mad at his anxiety
I had 2 pray at rec
"god help me not to judge
this brother
I have my anxious moments
lord knows
life anxiety bout my eventual release
if i'll ever get married
will I b good at loving her how jesus would/does
n sometimes I have ran 2 temporary things

as if they were the cure all
tv comes 2 mind...'

god 4gives me

so im still

ready 2 eat some mac n cheese
n watch the 2nd have of this game
n think of scriptures 2 tell someone


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