March 8, 2019

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still standing saturday
(Jan. 12, 2019)


Date: 3/1/2019 8:19:06 AM
Subject: reply id; ruri

what's up julia?

on behalf of lana n myself thanks 4 blessing us with ur wise
internet intellect
u know what I mean
thanks 4 going all nerdy on us :)
needed that
thanks 4 taking the time 2 actually quote
what's stated on the site
sure she appreciates ur thoughtful clarification
know i do
as i had no way of adequately answering her pondering

so how have u been?

my days r getting better
noe that I don't have the responsibility of getting up at 4am
now i can sleep in 2 5 or 6 n then go back 2 lala land till 1030-11am
like i did 2day :)
havent gotten in 2 a routine just yet
in due time
mind u tomorrow is MARCH
n im hig highly anticipation of blessings
specially on the 12th n the 27th
kindof hard 2 get a routine when i believe im bout 2 leave ne day now

finishing up a writing that's due sunday
as it relates 2 praise team politics
god'll help me write it

mmmmm 50 seconds left


guess im out still tryin 2 see if im goin 2 the weightroom


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