March 17, 2019

And WE Would Consider the YOU?

From The Novelist Portent by Johnny E. Mahaffey (author's profile)


The Novelist Portent
Johnny E. Mahaffey
March 11, 2019

And WE Would Consider the YOU?

And WE saw US in OUR pet: OUR cat,
dog, bird, or fish dependent. There is
no US in WE; you behind those bars
(cage of OUR concentric self-service)
The prisoner, you, daily taxpayer
quicksand: you juggle your Christmas chain
(ghost-like), bent on reminding US of
US, the US within US. Is there US
in you? You are critterly in act

less than fish, bird, dog: WE are to what?
Consider you? Above OUR cat? In your
imperfection you beam to US like
a mirror. WE should consider you
commensurate? Prisoner elect,
societal pariahdom your
personification. Those eyes (yours)
freedomless pits to burn that more-than-
human-sufferance, knowing OUR way

YOU twist and turn in our living dream
A thought to flicker: there is no us
in YOU. In the time we set for YOU
(YOUR interim), YOU show wisdom; the
ONE we see on beyond, between the
bars, If we had only known YOU would
prove so savvy, a nuisance, our self-
justice. Dear thing beneath our dog to
dare remind us the fire we gulp in

blind—wide-eye—tribute to Death, some odd
(eerie) drive to snuff our own not us.
Censorious, condemnatory
conformation our dream to feed the
thirst YOU say is mere contribution
of self by moral contraception
How can we, such as us consider
YOU? A captive not of mind (we know)
but in the flesh between our bars in

obligatory society
betrothal. Set to rot as WE see fit
Before you, there was US, a WE of
ME to bestow OUR thirst. Now this new
US in the face of a truism you
Place: accountability. Placing
(redeploying) those of US to share
with you OUR blame—no longer
your shame to bear as you dance in word-

group-prose that inflame a part of WE
without thirst. An appealing concept:
undeniable plausibility.


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FatherJohn Posted 3 months ago. ✓ Mailed 2 months, 1 week ago   Favorite
I saw me in my friend. The Catholic, The Buddhist,
Protestant, Muslin, Judaic, and the Independent. There is
no US in THEM. You beyond the perimeter
(construct of my conscious selfless charity].
The prisoner, me. You, daily taxpayer
Beach comber: you jiggle your handcuffs
(nervous like) bent on reminding the CO of
Me, the me within him. Is there a me
In you? I am critical in word.

Less than black, brown, red, yellow of pale white.
Consider you? Above our coffee and honeybun? In my
Perfection I distort you like a fun-house mirror.
We should consider you rehabilitated? Preacher elect?
Societal reject in personhood. My eyes, slaves for Christ,
To feel suffering, to hurt in the heart, knowing your way.

(if this dialogue is worth pursuing….let me know and I will finish)

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