April 8, 2019

Starting A New Semester

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Johnny E. Mahaffey
April 2, 2019

The Novelist Teacher


I posted my signup sheets for the new semester here -- this quarter taking a kind of break, just to give myself some time to focus on my own novel(s), by only teaching TWO classes:

* CBU SCRIBE: Creative Writing

* SCIENCE: A Candle in the Dark: Cosmology/Astrophysics

Dozens of classes were posted - yet mine filled up immediately! I take satisfaction in knowing that my teaching is in demand, that as an educator... I am preferred. The class size is 15 students - yet I get that, and more. My science class sometimes getting as many as 45 (having to be split up into TWO actual classes), I have had semesters with as many as 140 students in several different classes. Days in which they filled the seats, and sat inside along the walls to hear what I had to say...

We'll see how this semester goes

I enjoy the teaching.

It gives me something to do, plus it's constructive. But... my reasons aren't exactly... fully altruistic - I learn from my students. By discovering what they DON'T know, it forces me to revisit things that I already know (or THOUGHT I knew), and sometimes that leads to a new way of seeing it.


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