May 16, 2019

Love Note

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Love Note


My Dearest Love:
I am here always with you. I am lost in darkness whenever I can't find you by my side for you are my light. Your bright glow shines upon my life. You have been my daylight forever. My sun rises every morning. My moon, every night. You warm my blood, you cool my body, you soothe my heart with your love.

If sometimes I sound like a fool rambling on, it's because I've always felt comfortable with what I say and do when you are by my side, knowing you never judge me. Just something about feeling your presence, my being—the secrets we share of love and life—our shared pains, our shared peace. I know that you always understand what I'm saying even when I mumble, even I don't understand the words myself.

Spring is upon us now. The days are getting longer. The birds are building their nests. The days are warming up. The flowers are in full bloom in a state of beauty like the smile on your face right now. Great-grandma, great-grandpa—what a pair we are. We have always been throughout the years.

You have always been more than my rock, more than my sun, more than my moon. You are my ocean, you are my mountains, you are my sky. You are the fresh air I breathe in. You are the reason I am, the reason I love. With all the beauty in all the world, yours is the beauty that awakens my heart each and every day.

I'll love you always,
forever and ever

Your Steve


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