Oct. 15, 2019

Personal Journal

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal

9/30/19 I had a colonoscopy this past Thursday - the procedure went well - the doctor will call me in sometime in the next few weeks to let me know the outcome. The procedure going well don't mean the trip went well. The trip over there was good the guard that cuffed me up made sure I had room to move my hands & feet. Once there I changed into the hospital gown with nothing on except the gown and was cuffed to the bed. My appointment was for 9 A.M. so they prepped me putting an t.v. in. There was only a couple of people in front of me then they had an emergency. I laid on that bed for six hours. I being given blinds by the I.V. so of course, I have to pee every hour - you ever try to pee laying on your side? I thought about laying on my back and peeing up in the air onto the floor :) but I didn't. After the emergency a smarter man might have backed out of the procedure but not me :) I'm more of a show no weakness type of guy. The ride back wasn't so good the a-hole guard put the cuffs on too tight and my hands swelled up they still have the scuff marks and bruises on them and I'm still sore form that hard bed for 6 hours.
10/1/19 I want to say happy B-day to my late brother Tim who was always there for me 11/1 and to my aunt Alice who always loved me no matter what 11/7. I love you both ♡. We got off lockdown Sat. morning had yard until 10:30 when they recalled so they could have fence training - I swear as much as they're trained that fence over the years I ain't never once seen it do a trick. It rained and hailed in Woodland and Sacramento over the weekend moved a few miles EAst of s (Ione) hitting Jackson with some rain and snow. I can feel the cold here this morning making my hands hurt - even put my coat on over my sweatshirt but that don't help my hands more - maybe if I get up and dance around my blood will warm up ♡ I told you I have thin blood didn't I? :) I'm eyeing the blankets right now - it's only 5:15 - overall I feel great too damn cold to feel anything else :)
10/3/19 I got a new cellie Tuesday evening, Rich. About 30. Seems like a reg., talks like a reg. Could walk out... I ain't had a real cellie since Jimmy Lee left last year. Hands are hurting right now from the cold. One of my dawgs is going to buy me a pair of gloves when the canteen opens next week :) It's cold at night but warming up during the day 42° to 80° looking for it to maybe touch 90° over the weekend before falling back down next week - I know it'll be getting down into the low 30°s soon. I think the big weight loss this year and the meds thinning my blood out is making the cold seem worse than years before.
10/6/19 I've felt good getting up the past couple of days, it's still a little cold but I'm not hurting all over :) hands don't even seem as numb. Answering your letter now my love - I just want to get this out before my memory slips and I forget. I had two months of single cell it was enjoyable. Ricky is working out O'K' just talks too much you know how I like my silence - maybe I write "Do not disturb" on a tee shirt and put it on when I'm doing something :) Leave a message on the phone let me know you called and no one was home :) I get lost sometimes and forget what I was going to say but that's alright I'll say it next time.


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