Jan. 7, 2020

62° F fror Christmas Day?

by William D. Linley (David) (author's profile)


Date Received: 12/26/2019 06:23 AM CST
Subject: 62 degrees Fahrenheit for Christmas Day?

Climate change?

I can understand the arguments on both sides of the "climate change" issue.

Here in the Midwest, just 2 1/2 hours southwest of Chicago, we set a new all time record of 62 degrees Fahrenheit for Christmas Day. Two days before that, I noticed the first two large groups of geese flying south. I am not from this area, but I did think it was odd that geese were flying south in December. I'm pretty sure it's much earlier in the season in the past ten years that I've seen this amazing life of nature.

Personally, growing up in the northeast, I do miss the snowy winters.

It was still a beautiful Christmas day here and peaceful.

So, even if the fears are all false regarding climate change, I think developing technology with a smaller carbon footprint will help generations to come. To some degree (ozone), it is already scientifically proven. Shouldn't we do what is best for the future of humanity and care for the Earth?

It's more about greed and money. We can retrain people for newer tech. So, who is that really blocks these efforts?

Thoughts for a new year.


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tenzintenzin Posted 4 years, 4 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 years, 4 months ago   Favorite
Mr Linley.
Climate has changed. It's a done deal. It's 'did. We've had a soft maybe five Hundred years burning coal ripping up forests and jungle, exploding nuclear devices and managed to royally F up planet Earths thermostat.. That's where we are. In the UK we have orca now visiting our Warmer waters, Portuguese men of war jellyfish,lots and lots of new visitors to our changed eco system. Then of course the death of our native corals and sea life.
Greta the great angry teenager who likes telling people off told us off, but we don't listen to kids do we?
So we need to rethink how we use power and rethink where we live. If it is going to flood perhaps don't build there and try to fight nature. Replant forests but build in firebreaks,so that inferno can be controlled.
The seas are warmers then perhaps learn to farm there. Plenty of foods can be grown in clean seawater. We are not going to recognise ourselves two hundred years from now said Einstein.

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