May 5, 2020

Less than 24 hours to go...

by William D. Linley (David) (author's profile)


Date: 04/27/2020 03:04 PM CDT
Subject: Less than 24 hours to go

After almost 14 years of incarceration, I am now within 16 hours of walking through the razor wire and gates for the first and last time. That's my plan, anyway.

I have been reluctant to advertise this fact since prison can be a vindictive environment. Many people on the cusp of parole have been sabotaged by some bitter person with a 30 year to life sentence.

Due to being in a facility designed as transitional reentry, I have not risk. In fact, every week two to five people parole and everyone is very cheerful about it. As each person leaves, it means we all step closer to our own parole date. Whereas in most prisons, seeing someone going home is a reminder of how much you've lost.

Often there is great anxiety leading up to this day. I have been very calm and at peace. I've only had a few nights of interrupted sleep due to anxiety and only a few days where I had moments of internal fears to contend with. I find this mainly due to having a good plan.

The greatest difficult I have noted in people is when they have no plan. Often it is not their fault but circumstance. Often a person will not know they have a parole site until two days prior. What a horrible nightmare!

I thank God almighty for giving me true peace and for making a way from no possible way. Between family help, military buddies being there and helping, and even the VA, I have been able to develop a solid plan in the final twelve months.

The staff and problem here have been a critical form of support in getting ready. I had 13 months here, but believe 24 to 36 months would have provided enough time to take full advantage of the counseling and all classes available.

By God's grace, I go forward.

The fight has just begun.


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