Feb. 26, 2020


by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)



if I could fly
I would fly away
fly from this deceitful place
of pain and sorrow
fly above its
electric fences
fly away
from its guns
in every open window
before they can kill
this old poet's
forgotten dreams

Steve Burkett


what to do
sometimes I think
everyone's gone
I don't see them
walking the yard
beside me
I feel alone
on morning walks
around the back
on one continuous circle
with Monday's blues
no one's there
not even you
would anyone notice
if I stopped

Steve Burkett


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SocialJusticeisBiblicallybased Posted 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 3 weeks ago   Favorite
What’s all the rushin’ fer?

I’m just kinda lazy today, a ponderin’ ‘round
This dusty ole’ road where confusions abound
You’alls crazy, helter-skelter, frazzled days
Lika buncha busy ants, a scurryin’ every which ways
Buckin’ life--like a horse with a saddle n’ a burr
Still I’m a wonderin’; what’s all the rushin’ fer?

It seems every person is almost a runnin’
No time for just hey! a smile, or good funnin’
Runnin’ and runnin’ -here and dare -both hither and yon
I see mostly their backsides, n’ then they are gone
When did just takin’ yer time begin to cause such a stir?
Still I’m a wonderin’; what’s all the rushin’ fer?

Why-for cain’ t you dither? Why cain’ t you slow down?
Iff’in your dead, this ole’ world keeps spinnin’ ‘round
All that stuff could surely wait just a small little bit
Would it killya to dawdle, and just take a sit?
When yer list overtakes ya, and yer whole life’s a blur
You should just start a wonderin’; what’s all the rushin’ fer?

So consider this advice when you just keep on a hurryin’
Jesus said a man gains not single hour with his worryin’
So keep rememberin’ the sayin’, “stop and smell the flowers”
Sit for a spell wit’ your friends -and while away yer hours
For someday their gone, a hole remains where they were
And you’ll still be a wonderin’; what’s all the rushin’ fer?

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