July 7, 2020

Personal Journal

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal

I've been working on putting together a new pen - all the state given us in old pen fillers we have to find a pen they'll work in :). They buy these pen fillers by the [boxes?] so they end up sitting in a warehouse for years until they dry out - then they give them to us - I put a new tip on them then set them in hot water until the ink starts to flow - if we're lucky, we'll get one that flow good and comes out dark - like the one I just picked up :) I havent heard from anyone in a couple weeks - is everyone alright :(

6/19/20 Friday
I've been seeing a lot of R.N:s and Doctors the last couple of weeks - they're found more than one spot for the skin cancer - doing a biopsy on the 27th. Because of the C-19 virus they are not doing a lot of face to face - not even chronic care visits - so more of my medication has been renewed - I have to work on finding someone to renewed them until my next chronic care visit in oCt. :) ok can'th get my hands to work with my brain to write things out. I'll be glad when when they lift the social distancing order in the prisons, not that anyone here is really following it some people like to stand right up on you when they're talking and no one wants to wear a mask unless the guards makes them and most of the guards don't wear them unless they have to. I want to go back to our old guard schedule where we were able to go to the yard everyday :) the dayroom can go back or not I'm out there every afternoon to work. I would like to keep being cell fed, no long lines to stand in, no waiting in the mess hall until everyone is done

6/21/20 Sunday
5:15: I've been sitting here watching out my little window at the sky - the dawn is pushing up over the hills being chased by the sun, there are many shades of red covering this morning sky. I can imagine sitting in an old Ford pick-up with my Jeannie parked on top of the hill watching the sunrise. It's going to be a hot one today - the weather girl was 102[degree symbol]. I'm still going out this afternoon :) I've decided only for an hour then come back in and stand in a cold shower S.Q. is starting to get a large number of people with the virus and 16 have die at Chino I heard that on the news. We've been lucky here - not one confirmed case.

6/23/20 Tuesday
I've got a couple of sets of comments on my blog last night. I want to say thank you for your comment to Dogs and Plants Make Me Happy. I'm glad you enjoyed my poetry. And no being forced to stay home is nothing like being in solitary confinement: think a 5'x9" toilet/room with a steel bed - a pair of shorts & t-shirt - no t.v nothing to read no pone you get the idea. Thank you to Mimi Steward for doing the transcription for my post I'm glad you enjoyed needing my journal - I know that sometime I have little to say other times I'm inspired. I want to thank all my friends who have been enjoying my words and hope you will continue to read them. Hello my love <3 6 AM it's going to be another hot day it's hot already :) I'm going to have to put all my writing stuff away so I can put the fan right on me :)

We preserve our memories because they remind us of who we are. If our memories are lost, we cease to know who we were, who loved us, who we love and yet we tweak and alter them to create our own narrative. Some are better than others but all of them belong to us. I got a ducat for a biopsy early this morning before yard. They do them here now so no long ride :( some people hate the ride because of the torture cuffs you have to wear - they don't bother me I stood with a pain of cuff on behind my back one time during a riot for 6 hours, you have to put your mind somewhere else. I'm going to get this in the mail today everyone stay well. If you visit here don't drink the water and leave the food alone.


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