July 25, 2020

No Place To Land(2)

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)


No Place to Land (2)
Act 4

Swervo - Ok, ohmm, so, Yesterday, we was all outhere on the yard and met this new Brotha named Parallaxboi, Parallax is a cool def, y'all should look that up, matter of fact, dis kid should be comin in a few, y'all know he always got a dictionary, but, lets keep this straight up, one person at a time, get your Q in, feel free to debate the Az, while I swerve up da homie, its about 35 of y'all, so who's first.

Amaad - I'm Muslim, O.G. Eric said you might be pretty good to hear so let me ask you, they said that yesterday you dated the word Homosexual fo 1868, what about Africans before that date? Can you name any word from any African Tribe that is equal to Homosexual? and if you can, also name the source, because I haven't seen it.

Parallaxboi - First off, I ain't no expert, Im a Brotha just being me, but let's see if I can get at you.
#1 Like you, as a kid, I had never heard of it either, its like Homosexual Africans was erased from History, or said to be from the White man, so I forgive our Black Historians and Authors, now that Im grown.
#2 Linda Ngoobo and Hugh McLeon wrote a report called DEFIANT DESIRE after interviewing 20 African males around Johannesburg, and they said the word "skesana" is "bottom," and "Injonga" is not only "top," but "he," "top" also made the first move. Get that report, it's good stuff. You also ask me to be Tribe specific, and I do know that Bantu Pouhain in Gabon and Cameron call gay sex "bian nkuma," they say it's medicine for wealth. Azande warrior Tribe male lovers call each other "badiare"
Get the Azande Press Line Issue #4 titled Liberated Facts, where we layout a lot more of what you just asked for, and, in fact, take mine here, keep it, and you will be surprised that what you're looking for is a reality. Share it.

Swervo - Who's next, uhmm, D.

Daron - Yeah so, you're saying that Booker T. Washington, Martin Luther King JR, Malcom X, A.J. Rogers Diop, Franz Fanon all intentionally left homosexuals out of Black History?

Parallaxboi - Great Q, yet, did you see it when you read them each?

Daron - Nope, only Bayard Rustin.

Parallaxboi - Brah, both MLK and Malcom X know that James Baldwin was gay, yet they was all friends, and Booker T. Washington knew that George Washington Carver was bi-sexual , and Franz Fanon was bi-sexual.

Jeff - What tha fuck you just say man? Franz Fanon and Carver?

Parallaxboi - And Allain Locke, yeah as in Locke High School, and Carver Elementary School, and Carver Park, sound familiar?

Jeff - I gotta Google dat Shit because, and why are we taking your word for this anyway? and why are we just now hearing about this? I went to Locke High, and aint nobody said that nigga was gay.

Parallaxboi - Let me ask you, if you did know, would you are your Mom to put you in another school?

Jeff - Back then, no, because all of my Family and Homies went to Locke, so, no.

Parallaxboi - What about today, now that you know, because you sounded upset earlier, or aggressively surprised?

(crowd LOL)

Jeff - I ain't with that gayshit homie, and... I just never, and...

Parallaxboi - And... and name me one teaching at your school, at Locke High that came at you on some "gayshit."

Jeff - Nobody, I'm just saying, why didn't they tell us that our Black schools was named after Homosexuals?

Parallaxboi - As a gay black boy, that would've been very empowering for me to know, so I agree with you Brah, why didn't anybody tell me that my Elementary School was named after somebody just like me? Carver Elementary School, it probably would've inspired me to ask my mama to send me to Locke High School, and me and you would've probably met before we met on a prison yard, so I feel as deprived as you do.

Swervo - Wow, thats crazy, and deep.

Jeff - Fosho, I wonder how much shit they didn't tell us, and now you got me wanting to have my wife Google search and show my step-son all of this.

Parallaxboi - So, you have a Parallexboi in you house?

Jeff - About to go to Locke High.

(crowd loud gasp)

Parallaxboi - But kids are more open now.

Jeff - He said He didn't want to go to Locke because of Gang violence, but now, let's see what he says about this, I ain't gon lie Brah, I was about to leave before, but Im glad I stayed over here because I never know what to talk to my step son about.

Swervo - We gon get back at this tomorrow, somebody thank Uncle Eric for me and I got my own Q to end for today. Jeff, if you stop saying step, the boy might hollar at you. What do you tell Black parents about trying to tell kids to stop being gay?

Parallaxboi - Best Q ever, because thats really heavy in our Community. I would say that it's as equally crazy, if Gay Black Kids would start telling Black parents to stop having gay kids. Then our Black parents will realistically engage the word "impossible," and only then will they truly view the parallax in the hood, as, valuable.

da Kid - Hey, Im here, what did I miss? Where y'all going? Y'all comin back tomorrow?

(Crowd slowly dispercing Universal Flound and Daps)
End Scene.


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EMParker1 Posted 13┬áhours, 15┬áminutes ago.     1 Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

I really enjoyed reading your work, and your efforts to highlight to lives of Black homosexual people. Loved the connection with the step son at the end. Keep writing, and keep the story going!


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