Dec. 13, 2011

From Birth Until Death: The Journey Of One Persons Life. (Is it fact or is it fiction .... Only you can decide!)

by Peter K. Holmes (author's profile)


From Birth Until Death: The Journey of One Person's Life
(Is it fact or is it fiction... Only you can decide!)

What is this strangeness that surrounds me? It's so very close here and so very dark. In that closeness, that darkness there is a distinct feeling of safety, though. Of warmth. A feeling that as long as I'm here, nothing can go wrong for me.

What is this! Turmoil, everything closing in on me! My world is being turned upside down! What is happening? On the sudden pain of it all! Why is someone pulling on me? Stop! Let go of my head! The light... so bright and blinding! Oh, stop... please, stop. You're hurting me. I can't breathe. No, no. what is that you are sticking down my throat? Why can't I breathe? Please, please. Let me go! Put me back where I was.

Oh, that's better. At least I can breathe now. But it is still so uncomfortable. So bright, so cold. The safety and warmth of my home is gone. My eyes are open and yet I cannot see anything. Only faded images of people handling me which I don't like at all. What has happened to me?

How long? How long have I been laying here? I hear myself screaming and yet I don't know why. Why am I screaming? Wait, what is this? Someone is picking me up and wrapping something around me. They're holding me close. This is good. At least it feels good. I like being warm and cozy like this. It almost reminds me of my previous home.

Wait, what's this? I'm being handed to someone else. NO! No, don't let go of me like that! Oh, wait. There, I'm being held close again. Mmm, this feels good. Hey! What's this? Mmm, I don't know, but whatever it is, it sure tastes good! Mmm, a delicious warm liquid going down my throat to my tummy. Wow, the more of this I drink, the better I feel.

HEY! What's this waking me up again? I don't like it, so I'm going to scream for a while until you make me feel comfortable again. Wait, where are we now? oh, it must be okay. That person who keeps feeding me is taking me. Oh, look. We're going somewhere. Oh boy, a trip! I've never been on a trip! I don't even know what a trip is, but that's what she just told me we were doing. Going on a trip.

She must be Mommy because she just keeps smiling at me, saying Mommy loves her little baby boy. Hey! Who is that strange blurry face? Oh, it's Daddy. So what's a mommy and a daddy? Whatever they are, they seem really nice so far, and they make me feel good. I think I'll sleep now.


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