July 25, 2020

Sounds Of Sunday

From The Sound Mind by Floyd Smith (author's profile)


Sounds of Sunday (sMs)

In your world, what you are doing is equivalent to "music ministry." In https://betweenthebars.org/media/uploads/blogs/scans/2020/07/22/bb7A6e3bdoc29064/doc29064-page-0.jpgy world, we would view you as a D.J. like the rest of us in this volunteer collective.

Dear Sister Kathy, 7.15.20

You may be an adult Christian, but you are also a baby D.J. in the sound mind streamer. In you last letter, you spoke of how different you and I are in which you are correct, and our differences should provide value to the service provided, and over the years, I've tried to translate to you in your own language, The Mission of the Sound Mind Streamer, so in this letter, I will lay this out in our own language, so that your work builds this community, moving forward.

In the D.J. world we have to know that all people showed up for many different "reasons," and we hold a responsibility to provide them with sound opportunities to re-boot, because everyone returns to all of the "reasons."

You, my sister have a disconnect with the "reasons" that required our service here at SMS, for example.

In your ministry, you know people who have been homeless, addicted to drugs, and have engaged in fornication for common "reasons" that are viewed as "self-inflicting wounds," or "poor choices" etc...

The portion of society that we serve here at the sound of mind streamer have been homeless because their families, community, church, and society have rejected them and abused them and exiled them and abandoned them because they are, and identify as LGBTQIA+, and this fact is stat-based, all you have to do is search the factual numbers online and be educated about this "damaging reason."

Your ministry addresses the 1st group, and misses the 2nd group that SMS is designed to serving and we need your help with music that is not demanding to the 2nd group.

The people you deal with and serve are not here in the sound mind, so when we address bullying methods that drove our people into addiction to drugs, and suicide, 99.9% of the time the source that is misused to bully come directly from the religions of the families communities that have "inflicted the wounds."

SMS is designed to treat the injuries of the mistreated, not to be scolded, berated and called an abomination of God, which people think gives them authority to attempt to steal souls under the idea of winning souls.

I know this is hard to hear, but you must know who you are tending to because although you are doing what you believe is good work. You must understand that others have come before you with the very same message and with an iron fist and caused what seems like irreparable harm, so when gay people see you coming, I don't want sounds of Sunday to be viewed as:

"The Hook Under the Worm". To be gutted and eaten up, and pooped out.

I want to note here that I explained to you in the beginning sister that we started SMS because nobody was doing anything for my people that is being spit on, and having urine and feces thrown on them, in the very same visits where the COVID virus is killing people, and making them feel exactly how they made my people feel, and now, the state is calling it a blunder.

Sister, beloved, please listen to me when I say that a blunder is medical chiefs sending 15 infected inmates to this prison and housed in the adjustment center after moving condemned inmates to a unit called Donner Section to keep them safe.

But that's a medical blunder. However, custody staff knows that it was not 15 people, but 5 busloads of inmates that were transferred to SQ. Yes, I just said 5 busloads, of 120 inmates.

These inmates were strategically placed in every other cell between every other name that was already housed in units badger sections in, wait for it, donor section, and everybody knows that condemned inmates are housed on the 1st and 2nd tiers of done, including the 15 that was moved from the adjustment center.

The loved yelling spitters and urine and fees tossing inmates had a transferred inmate placed in cells on each side of them on tiers 3, 4, and 5, that's not a medical blunder, that's a custody staff diabolical intentional spread of a viral pandemic. The very same custody staff that did ZERO about the over 15 years of LGBTQIA+ inmates being spit on, and having urine and feces tossed on them by reception inmates just because they are gay.

And today, this sam custody staff still exclude ethnographic LGBTQIA+ people as dependants and not independents.

Jesus never said "My Father Hates Fags", Jesus never called out the conversion to change, nor his servant, he healed the servant without rebuke. The Holy Spirit never told Phillip to tell the Eunuch to stop doing what Eunuchs do, after he was baptized, but people tend to abuse gay people with what they think should change, when Jesus and The Holy Spirit dealt with marginalized people with compassion. Jesus told a man hanging next to him while being executed "Today you will reign with me in Paradise" without rebuke, or demand fo change because people forget that "The Grace of God is the good news," not the dogmatic ideals of bullies.

It is impossible for God to receive the glory form an underserved abused, and abandoned community, and so far, all LGBTQIA+ inmates are experiencing is being talked down at, rebuked, and disrespect form the very people that say they are children of the most high God.

In fact, Gods people are the very reason why God will not get the glory because Gods people have not provided a safe place of engagement, it's physical here sister, wake up, and find talks about empowering things, talks about building LGBTQIA+ people, the Christians and other religious groups have places here for them, The Sound Mind Streamer is about serving gay inmates, our program is open for all, yet specifically created to serve gay people in prison, please find content that we haven;t experienced, because any content that is unsafe and antithetical to the health, safety, and spiritual well being of my community is unacceptable, and all of our volunteer donors fo content are D.J.s to this design.
Our group met and reviewed the screening of the content you have sent so far and gave the following recommendations!

1. I'm asked to remind you that our age demographic program target here is near to 40 years and younger audience, primarily 30s and 20s

2. For you to go to Youtube and search the Sound Mind Streamer - click Go to Playlist - click look for Sounds of Sunday - click download to DVD-R disc

Please view The Ethnographic: Black/urban gospel, Christian, R&B Hip Hop music that is exclusively Bible Based Content form an ubran perseptive

This si not for you or the traditional stuff that already exist here, SMS is providing content that is NOT here.

Sound Mind Streamer at Youtube is the official workstation where our volunteer donors download the playlist content and burn to DVD or disc. Please subscribe.

Please note that we have 3 programs,
1. Sound Mind Streamer - Ethcnogrpahic LGBTQIA+
2. da' VENT - All instrumental music trap beats
3. Sounds of Sunday - All Jesus, urban perspective

In fact, Sounds of Sunday is our only Music program with lyrics, and those lyrics are about Jesus, not about hurting people, this is about love and adding a black face and present to love to the most underserved community inmate population here in SQ, the very community that has been excluded from the SQTV Media Center Line.

No chaplain has done this, in fact we are the first to do this in the 100 year existence of SQ.

We are not the false sanitized version of and That Hill Song is to present Jesus as "cool", we see through the fake, we are not Jimmy Swaggert's racist sons, Pro Donald Trump's agenda to promote White supremacy, and Black submission in the church, no Benny Hinn tricks, No Haggert scare tactics, and not making this to cater to my own personal central over what we think Jesus should be for others, SQ has that already.
I've been commissioned to do this, and I asked you to help, it's that simple, we need our Sounds of Sunday content on DVD-R disc so we can broadcast 24 hours every Sunday for inmates that require the Blessing.

I'm not submitting any Sounds of Sunday content until it meets our original program design that we have been commissioned for, as for the content you've already submitted, we are working on visual images for the audio because young people don't have the attention span to sit around and listen to hours of audio like we older folks do, Jesus will become bland, boring and niggaz will change the channel.

Our Sounds of Sunday Music have Screen-saver images of people, see some, and please download them or us on DVD-R, if you can't help us, I'll need to give in to asking another volunteer to do it. If you can't find Sound of Sunday playlist click on more playlist while you are at SMS @ YT, we are shooting for all 31 prisons, not just SQ, are you in or out?
I don't have the luxury to fight our volunteer fore, and haters, someone needs to do Sounds of Sunday Ministry and I'm most asking God to send others to do ti, I asked you, if you say no, then I'm forced to ask the public for help.

I've gotta go, 3 more men just died here, Jeff Hawkins was also on the same yard with me like some of the others, a man named Bemus? Well, his family is being notified that he is about to die in a few hours.

I know that I sound angry and aggressive, I'm simply in the middle of a war, and many souls are being lost, and spirits of the dead in this place

No gay people have died, and caring for my community is primary because nobody cares about us, and we are all obviously not in this thing together as people continue to try to highjack The Sound Mind Streamer which I will fight for with my very last breath against whomever.

Love ya sis, get yo DJ on.


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