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Aug. 13, 2020


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AZANDE Press #7

Mobile EP

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Thank you
Lil Dannyboi, I'm super honored that you spent time with the lost tapes and videos of my past life, and dragged the songs of my childhood mind into the future, and posting up at danielrainey@YouTube, on my behalf. I so wanted da'Kid to verse on "U", before the fall, and thank you for finding these tracer tracks I layed down for our Family Boy Band, PERFECT TIMING. also to the folks @ WODZ and New Media 3.0, thanks for viewing my work as worthy enough to be included in what you do. I wrote these songs as a 12 year old Black Gay Boy in the Hood, and now, as an adult, I cant wait to perform them Live.

by Parallaxboi
4 da'Kid by, Parallaxboi
Single Version

I'm ready to start this thing over, one on one and everything now we're both older it's on, so much I want u to see, and I don't see nothing wrong. Just as long as Ur here with me.
U-Ur' all I want and U'r all I need I want U to see all I need is U, to start again a nigga. And my share of life and times but what I've never had was someone I could call mine for e, naw all I ever want to see is U, because U make life so easy

Written, arranged & performed by, Parallaxboi

One With Me
One With Me

One With Me
Finding myself alone sometimes
gets me to wondering
will the sun ever shine
and there you go again
there to pick me up
forever extending your hand
Always on my side
You stay down with me
Whenever I'm wrong or right
and there's no mystery,
I just want to tell the world
that you are one with me

You are One With Me
You are my everything
My one and only
You are One With Me
and everything I do
I'd rather do it all
with you

One With Me

Everywhere I see
every step I take
every move I make
and every time I cry
You go out of your way
Just to see that I smile
always on my side
You stay down with me
whenever I'm wrong or right
and there's' no mystery
I just want to tell the world
That you are one with me

You'll never leave my heart
so don't even think about it
I just can't ket you go
This you need to know
My world is You
and there's no way around it
because you're all I need
You are One With Me

Written, arranged & performed by Parallaxboi
Parallax Assylumn

My World
My World

My World

Your fantasy
is everything I want to be


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