Sept. 13, 2020

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Date 9/4/2020 10:05:34 AM
Subject: Reply ID: ttb9

Dearest Julia

Speaking of celebrity's...
U came 2 mind the other as I was listening 2 the radio.
So what triggered these thoughts?
The lady mentioned
"Human Librarys"
N there popularity in Denmark. How basically people going 2 a designated safe house,if u will,n
spending 30 minutes getting 2 know each other. Then I think u can read another "book" after
that. Not sure how many "books" u get 2 "browse" b4 the "library" closes...
As the woman spoke on "starting one in ur own community"
U were deposited in my mentals
Tru story!
Pictured u starting one n or participating in one!

I'm listening

Far as how I'm doing...
Same ole Waiting 2 transition 2 work release! Get 2 the bakery n just get a change of pace! Definitely hope its not 4 man rooms! 2 overwhelming 4 me 2 busy,2 loud, 2 something! Do hope the phone calls r longer! 15 minutes go 2 fast! can't even get an adequate hello or half way decent Convo that brings closure Time it start getting good u hear the robot saying u have one minute left! Just enuff seconds 2 say I love u.
Then at work release I'm allowed 2 buy a coat! Got my vote! Gone put in the order soon I get off the van/bus! Promise
Know I b cold so...
The coat will ensure I'm warm n toasty inside n out
Dig that!
Lord knows I'm back cold now
Where did the summer go?
Spent all the warm months inside a building!
None of that where I'm going!
Did get a book accepted!
So excited bout that
As well as my future as an author,writer,fashion designer,n human being
So still learning, growing, thinking figuring, refiguring, planning
Plan is 2 have a buzz plan 2 take 2 parole in December, if they don't let me go b4 then
Sept 15
Mean something
Maybe I'll get a response from the parole board that day! N see what they have 2 say
Other than that I'm good
Focusing on my choices n y I'm making them

Thanks 4 the lovely comment bout me phoning my daughter, been going good! all I can say
Heart still has a 4ever hole but...
Praying I'll b able 2 see her via ZOOM

Fingers crossed

Lovely greetings from PDCI


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