Aug. 19, 2020

Another Miracle

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8/10/2020 2:07:32 AM
Subject: Another Miracle

2 whom it may concern

3 times since June of last year the date
July 15
Came 2 me with
"Release from prison"
Attached 2 it

That being the case I anxiously anticipated my or my other codefendant being released on that
Well it wouldn't be Tre as he was released on June 9,2020
Must be 4 me
As I waited the date
July 15
Popped up in an email
Saying there was a Big Parole meeting planned
Who knows about what exactly!
Sure it relates 2 letting "Old Law" prisoners go!?!
I'm still trying 2 get a hold of the transcripts!
That's another email 2 another place!
Yet 2 help my release along I did write the Parole Chairman and literally asked him,
"Would you consider letting me go home?"

Any who on
July 15
There was no miraculous release of yours truly
Nor any letter in the mail regarding my being released any time soon!
So now what?

Know 4 a fact God gave me that date 4 a reason.

By this time I had my daughter's number 4 all like 4 days, but brought a "we're sorry your
call was not accepted, this may be an answering machine. Please try your call again later."
Not wanting 2 deal with all the politics and potential 4 trouble over a 15 minute call I decided 2 not
sign up 4 another phone spot. Plus it seems the only openings were like 9pm. Not knowing her
schedule I choose 2 not impose! Maybe tomorrow would be different...

July 16

That day was different
Look at God
4 the first time in 7yrs I spoke 2 my daughter on the phone!
Shocked when it said
"Thank you 4 using ICSolutions"
I said hello several times before saying, "is this Priska?"
Soon she responded I couldn't help but passionately blurt out
I love you
I'm sorry
I love you
I AM WE. I Love you

We spoke about things that had been going on in the last 5 years since we'd last written! Course not'
covering it all! Just using summations and generalizations!

I even got blessed with a chance 2 call her back at 8pm
Look at God
Now July 16 at 12:14pm
Is etched in my history

July what a month!!!

Oddly enough I been deemed it me and God month!
Since 2009

Having talked 2 my only child I've had an inner sense of freedom and of just this peace that god
will soon release me 2 be in her life and more importantly father her spirit.

Felt a Release from depression and laziness. Felt more motivated 2 redeem the time, 2 get god and
win Priska 2 Jesus 4 deliverance from her sinful nature. 2 be the best father 2 show her a life with
god in it. 2 provide 4 her. Have enough $$$ where I can be available 4 her. Rejuvenated. Freshly

God is good
(even when I don't act like it)

Even see the need 2 pray more.
So be it

Thank God 4
Joel 2:18-32
Especially verse 25

Yup it applies 2 family restoration

My heart is glad
And gladdened by her
Happy Birthday

If only I had tired 2 call again on July 15!!!

I'm Blessed


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Julia Posted 3 weeks, 3 days ago. ✓ Mailed 2 weeks, 5 days ago   Favorite
Dear Antoine,
I hope you are doing fine! Awesome you had a fone call with your daughter!
All is well with me,
warm greetings,

Antoine Murphy Posted 4 days, 7 hours ago.   Favorite
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