Sept. 17, 2020

Personal Journal.....9/4/20

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)
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Personal Journal
9/4/2020- I didn't get any painting done yesterday: What: I had an excuse :) I was getting my hair cut before day room when they called me for transport. I when back to Stockton for more electrode therapy, masochist S.O.B. and I didn't get back until later afternoon and I was burnt out. The guard were two A-hole but I didn't mind as on the way back we took the scenic roads. To pad their time logs the guards like to take the long way around. We headed out south to get north a lot of beautiful farm country. I came back through the little town name Langford. Most of there downtown building were built around 1900 at least before the 1930's. I feel good this morning, stiff, but good :) As of the end of July there were 57 deaths due to the Covid virus- only one here at Mule Creek. Old Folsom is having an outbreak right. I would hate to be there- the tiny cells, open bars; no were to hide. We'll just ride out the new normal. They said they are going to let some old people go home to make room for distancing :) I' already hoe now I need a home to go to.
9/5/2020- It is not unlike me not to remember dates, half the time I can't remember what day of the year it is and my friends can tell when I'm lost I get that far away blank stare and it's not like going of into a daydream.
9/6/2020- I don't remember how I got to some places. I'm sitting here with no hair today :) I started cutting it around the sides + back next thing I knew it was all gone :) It'll grow back in a few weeks Will the darkness ever disappear? This month of September is a slow mover With all the things I been doing I've been out of the cell everyday off grounds for treatment twice. Yesterday yard in the A.M., work in the P.M., dayroom at night. The 6th of next month is Mel's birthday. Happy birthday my dear friend, my sister.
9/8/2020- Sometimes I just want to lie in bed and daydream but when I do it gets to where I can't stop and I know how quickly a little daydream can turn into depression. My celly was in the cell all weekend so I didn't get anything done. Feeling good this morning- no real pain in my bones- hands are numb but not to where they're hurting so much. We have yard this morning- canteen open- someone's going to buy me an ice cream :) everyone that knows me thinks I'm getting way to thin- I agree- my weight has been holding between 175 & 180 but when I was getting ready for bed last night I noticed how much skinnyer my legs are looking if I can I need to get in to weight myself today- they've been hard to get into since the Covid outbreak :) Another thing I'm noticing this morning is my butt is sore from sitting on the hard medel back I ain't got much meat on my bottom end no more :)
9/10/2020- I couldn't write at all yesterday, my hands were hurting to much. I went out for another treatment on my throat Tuesday- caught one of those A-hole guards. We have to wear these box cuff were you can't move your hands, arm, or shoulders and you always get pain from them that last a couple of days. Some people refuse medical because they can't stand the pain :( The guard who put them on for the side there left room for my wrist. But the throat doctor had them take them off my hands and A-hole who put them back on made them to tight and I told him so, so he acted like he was loosing them up and made them tighter. Now my wrists are both black+blue and swollen even my fingers are hurting. I might have to go back out today- the doctor want to give me the shock treatment twice a week- i need it but I'm not going if that guard's there. The smoke's so thick I can't see anything outside my window. All of California seem to be on fire. I can taste it in my mouth. I want to get this out today so I'm going to stop. I want to tell you how bad the food is but I don't eat it :). I get the messages on the blog. Thanks everyone, I'll answer it tomorrow over the next week. :)


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Emmyak Posted 5 months ago. ✓ Mailed 4 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Thank you for writing your journal. I enjoyed reading your thoughts. I love all the smiley faces you use, it really adds some fun to the pages! :) I'm sorry to hear about your hands, I hope those A-hole guards start loosening them a bit for you. I relate to your struggle of wanting to stay in bed all day and daydream, the first step of getting out of bed is the hardest for me. But once I get up and start doing some work, I always feel better about myself! I wish you the best and look forward to possibly reading more of your journals in the future :)

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