Oct. 1, 2020

The Shaman Lady Revealed

From While I Breath, I Hope. by Sarai Rose


The Shaman Lady Revealed by Rosa Coel: (Part 1 of 3)
Her name is:
Mahtetyamay = 116
Other titles with equal value are:
GRANUM FUNDI - Seed of the foundation = 116
LUX OCCULTA - Hidden Light = 116
OMNIA IN LUX - All (are) in Light = 116
PRINCIPIUM - Principle; origin = 116
Broken down to a single digit:
1+1+6=8; 8 = The Great Number of Redemption
8 in the number for Obatala, one of the Seven African Powers who rules the mind, keeps the peace, maintains balance, and in the symbol of peace and purity.

The journey to obtain such knowledge took 3 days and 3 nights; 3 days of prayer, meditation, offering, sigil charging, chanting of the names of power, study and preparation; 3 nights of astral travel
This is that journey.
[insert drawing of necklace]
This necklace was placed around my neck as the strong hands of the Shaman Lady pulled
me into the plane of existence. "Arise, young lioness, roar, and may the bish know that from
henceforth it has a queen." She kissed me and then said, "It's about time you came to me." I've
been waiting. Tonight is a day like any other, but it will see what no other day has seen. She
cupped my head and pushed my hair behind my ears and kissed me once more, saying,
"Come." at first I resisted, I said "I came to you, I have questions for you, I..." She merely
interrupted me and said, "I know I know, I have something to show you, come," and as I stepped
with her my attire changed and I was dressed in sleeveless dress, and several bracelets
were on my wrists, all colors of the rainbow "A single bracelet does not jingle, the sound will protect you
for there are snakes that seldom bite a foot that does not walk, yet there are still some
that will attack everybody." I was taken to a hut, once in it she took a pouch of sand from
the wall and while spreading it out in a sigil shape she uttered the words, "tire nis, ijoba
ati agbara naa, ati oyo, lai lai ati lailai, been a je" I know now this to be the Yoruba
language, then she spoke, "The night is potent. I have made us time, there are a few who don't
want you to know" , "Who?" I asked "That will come later, first you must know your self , who you
are." "Who am I?", "You are she who can rule supreme at night, nocturnal powers, for you have
had to work in secret for so long never having the chance to be free until you found your
mother, she borke your first barrier, then Perdurabo broke your magiKal barrier, and with this you were
brought the knowledge of knowing you not only have the power to end life, but to create life as well."
"Why me? Why have to come to me?" I asked "Ah," she said, "Much you will learn I came to you my
child because of the fact you are my child, long ago I was yet still am. You have the
magic inside you from our teachings passed down through our blood, it flows in you." "So,
why then are there things that don't want me here?" I asked, she answered," life hangs by nothing
but a very fine thread, but all is intertwined here. Life has a cause and death has a cause
The one comes from the other. Everything holds together. So when you begin to search to
find yourself for your heritage is an important part of who you are, these things will bite
for they will be brought discomfort because they are use to you not knowing. Once you
know the lies told you hold no value, and have no strength, the false self is a destructive
force. Sometimes we have multiple. You my child have had many for the darkness you have
lived through. You will succeed, its in you blood." It was time for me to leave
This was the first night of my astral journey. I will post the other two at a later date


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service_ Posted 3 years, 1 month ago. ✓ Mailed 2 years, 12 months ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! Sorry I couldn't finish the transcription today

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