Aug. 4, 2021

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From While I Breath, I Hope. by David E. Bauguess
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Dear Carietta
(April 18, 2019)


Gracious Greetings,

"Hearts and Hope", thank you for the amazing re-
sponse and comment on "Dear Canietta".
This beautiful and strong name belongs to an
amazing young woman whom walked into my life on
September 6, 2018, and that might of had no clue as
to what was about to happen in our lives, on the
magickal journey that lay ahead of us.
This was just one of many poems I composed
for her, each an ode to her and the beauty & magick
that she possessed, & praises to what she was able
to do to me inwardly that no other human being
had ever been able to do.
Canietta awakened the true me, and in so
doing she allowed me to love wholly, no fears
& no regrets; completely unconditional! She allowed
me to exercise true compassion, & true under-
standing; & she inspired within my heart forgive-
ness of seef & others.
Being hopeful in an awful environment,
me full of judgements, persecutions, & disgusting
people whom claim to be human; she exhibits
great courage & strength. Being a transgender
female, pruned & confident, she is truly an awesome
and inspiring young woman.
She claims to be my student in the
magickal arts; yet it is she who in my own &
amazing teacher of life! In she her taught
me to live & to love, to shed the facade of (40+)
years & be the woman I was meant to be, the
very woman I suppressed & hid for some long &
depressing years due to societies and demands
that I live according to their demeaning regime-
ments & prejudice - I allowed them to dictate
my gender.
Canietta, she showed me that I didn't have
to hide behind a mask of any kind! She loved me
for who I am, she is my fluent love & friend, she
is my heart & soul; she is my life, my world,
she's the very light in the dark & depressive
world that lead me to truth of acceptance -
she gave me balance & reasoning!
This is what "Dear Canietta" is; & yet
I've not said enough!
Canietta is Love, Light, Life, & Magick
she is Woman, so Beautiful & Amazing!
Thanks for the interest in her & in
this piece (i.e. Dear Canietta)

Humbly yours,

xo Sanai Kore

Formally: D. E. Bauguess


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Beastarsismyfav Posted 1 year ago. ✓ Mailed 11 months, 2 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I worked on the transcription for your post. It was a touching story of how much this person meant to you.

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