July 11, 2022

New Mailing Rules of NC DPS division of Prisons

From While I Breath, I Hope. by Sarai Rose


From: David E Bauguess #0023906
aka: Sarai Rose Bauguess
Avery Mitchell Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 247
Phoenix, MD 21131

Re: New Mailing Rules of N.C. D.P.S. division of Prisons
Date: May 10th, 2022

Greetings to All,

So long it has been since my last true entry to this blog and I am remiss(?), for this blog was created by the compassion of others to give people as myself a voice. For being incarcerated can sometimes limit the avenues in which one might reach the outside world, and if one is known for a activism of any part and has differing opinion to those of what some might determine to be normal ideas, and or ideologies per se, then we are censored on every level. Even if they aren't labeled under any of the often erroneously states security threat groups.

My own experience has left me quite traumatized at times due to mail from my children all but vanishing into the abyss. Especially with they new mail rules which has N.C. prisoner mail actually sent to the state of Maryland. The system called Textbehind.

If you wish to download the app itself it is free - but! So actually sent electronic mail, pictures, etc.. it can cost us to $0.90 plus $0.25 per picture if more than (4) photos are included. If one chooses not to use the app, and to send their actual hand written letters to the address above, then it can take up to 10-14 days before a prisoner receives their mail. And all letters must be addressed exactly as above.

Now if you happen to be trans-gender female here at AMCI #4680 as I am, or have been both wrongly and illegally labeled under some security threat group, then you are likely ro never see your mail period! Where sent via electronic mail to the Textbehind app on snail mail to the address above.

I wrote a grievance concerning this when my daughters both sent me some mail and it never arrived. These letters were sent electronically to Textbehind; they were charged $0.90 pen letter, and even though they were told I'd receive the letters the next day, I never did. The grievance which was picked up by Yo Horne and allegedly given to Sgt. jones was never answered and never seen again.

However Warden Huneycutt (whom was acting warden) at that time, answered a request two weeks later, sending me (3) letters from my daughters and said no one was holding my mail. That I may not have received my mail, but no one was holding it back. If this is true and no one was holding my mail, then where in the world did these letters come from? How did he come to be in possession of them?

The same with photo copies of my Art work' Lt. Farthing and Warden Huneycutt deliberately and without just cause cease these copies of animated and anime and big eye art. Yet at the same time allowed SRG inmates and pedophiles receive photos of young girls barely 18 years old and with very little clothes on. So tell me - when does animated, big eye anime etc... become a security threat? Yet barely legally, nearly nude photos of young women are allowed to be received by pedophiles and rapist alike; inciting their sexual desires which after leads to prison rapes.

However, as I said I am transgender female here and they staff openly discriminate s against us without any thought of being punished for their unethical and unprofessional conduct. The staff here are hardly even punished or reprimanded for anything due to the Buddy System in play! They keep all violations out of Raleighs eyes - the division of prisons in Raleigh, NC and so the above and discrimination continues unanswered for.

Civil Rights here are laughed at Black n LGBTQ+ you are treated as second class non-relevant people.


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