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Thanks yo, that was sooo not easy to write. I was told that my growth should not only sharing regret for my wrongs, but to also include facing the concept of forgiveness towards people who has harmed me, and I found that part, harder work, and I'm glad to say that, in my heart, I've truly forgiven Stacy's big brother, now that I'm an adult secular brother, now, my sister "1/2 Pint" has grown into a Christian, and I'm not sure if she is so forgiving? She might not like me posting up about this, and I don't want her to relive that moment in our childhood, but I think I'm going to ask her to at least read it ? to settle her heart, but as far as me, I choose to grow because this event really gave me a sad excuse to reject love, and treat others harshly in my past life. I found that I didn't need to be a Christian to forgive people, and it gave me a power that freed me. Hard work still, yes, but very well worth manning up against anger.

Thanks you being proud of me for standing up for my sister was exactly what I needed to hear, this can teach young people not to keep stuff inside for so long because your words really made me feel better, and that I'd wished I would've said something sooner. Now I'm going to remind others of how proud I am of them because I want more people to feel exactly what I felt, reading your words. Thanks, Happy New Year already.


I'm still hanging on your every word, you know, I wonder if that guy who hurt me and my sister, ever forgave himself? That's the main lesson to learn for jerks, and soooo not easy, I also wonder if knowing that I forgave him would do him some good? I'm glad that one of us, out of everyone that was affected grew up into a forgiver. You sound like a healer :) You understand from a realistic point of view, and value listening. Thanks for your value. Happy new year. My hero! I'm Floyd, who's Gary? LOL :)


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