Jan. 6, 2021

Covid 19 In Prison

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Covid 19 In Prison
Hi, alot of you's know me and believe, I appreciate the response I get here. It helps me grow, learn and understand so much better, plus, I have met some amazing people since I began this blog. I want to talk about this virus. Now you might be saying, I am sick of this virus, well me too. I watch the news, I read the Philadelphia Inquirer newspaper and I speak to alot of people so I understand some of what you's are going through out there. I wanted to tell you about covid in prison. In Pa we have over 40 inmate deaths so far. About 3 staff have died as well. Hundreds and hundreds of women have this deadly virus and thousands of men have it in Pa state prisons. Alot of people believe that whatever happens to us in here, we have it coming, but thats not the case. Do I deserve medical treatment like you? In here if you get the virus, you are locked in a cell for 2 weeks so see how it progresses. We are treated like lab rats. A friend of mine, Tommy, he went to the hospital for a hernia operation, he came back and within 3 days he was infected with covid by prison staff. They didn't test him though he had all of the symptoms, they said we will treat you like you have it, he was given tylenol. Did Donald Trump or Rudy Guiliani get tylenol? No. They were treated like kings among men. When a guard brings the virus into the prisons, if they it to someone, that entire unit is locked down, these units hold 100-400 men. That unit is locked down. You are only allowed a shower and phone call to your family once every 4 days. Why? Why am I being punished because of staff? Staff are not doing their jobs. In prison, since the start of this pandemic, almost all prisoners are denied medical care, we have been told we are not allowed to have any dental work done until there's a cure for covid. I am on the waiting list to have a filling replaced. I am in massive pain daily, I cannot chew on the right side of my mouth now for about 3 months. But does anyone care? No. I am in prison and I have been labeled irrelevant and expendable. So many innocent people have died from this virus, I watch it on tv and see so many deaths, it is heartbreaking. But lets also remember the prisoners who also didn't want this disease and were killed by unprofessional staff who brought this deadly disease into the prisons systems nationwide. But Corrections official have 1 answer to this deadly virus, lock everyone in a cell and don't let them out. As of today there are 298,465 deaths in America, thousands of prisoners are among those totals. As well as thousands of innocent elderly who were in nursing homes. It is a common myth in Pa, most republican staff say that the democrats created this bogus virus idea so they could steal the election from Trump. Well tell that to the almost 300,000 human beings who have died from this deadly virus. I respect the ones in here who get the virus and come back in when they are healthy and tell us how dead wrong they were for believing the republican propaganda.
I haven't written much this year for my blog and I apologize for that. I welcome any and all questions. I ask you as a reader, what would you like to hear about? This has been a tough year for all of us. So please feel free to discuss whatever you'd like to.
I took a mans life in 1998. I have all of these sayings I like to write but what they all mean and say is that I am not my crime, I have grown to become so much more. I am looking for a psychologist or someone in that field who would be interested in evaluating me. I would like to share my psychological evaluation report with them from 1998, just weeks after my crime when I was a troubled 21 yr old kid. And to be re-evaluated now as a 44 yr old man who has grown up, matured, changed and accepted full responsibility for my actions in 1998. If anyone knows of anyone I could reach out to, I would be grateful. In my state, the republicans believe no prisoner can change. I am trying to use an outside 3rd party professional who will want to read my file and evaluate me to give his/her professional opinion as to my change and growth as a human being.
I am open to ideas and suggestions. I want to wish everyone reading this a very Merry Christmas. I don't celebrate anymore. I lost my mom to cancer 3 yrs ago, her birthday was 12/26, I would call her each year and sing to her on her b-day. I find no joy in holidays anymore. But I still want everyone to have the best holiday season that they can.
I also want to mention 1 final thing. Pennsylvania needs 2nd chances for all people in prison. In Philadelphia county, in the last 2 years, 14 men have been freed from prison, most have done 20+ yrs in prison for murder, most were serving life with no parole sentences. They were all freed because INNOCENT. Feel free to google the names, Andrew Swainson, or Terrance Lewis or Walter Ogrod, framed by Philly police for raping and murdering a 4 yr old child. He rotted on death row for 26 years until the Innocence Project in Philly got him free. He was almost put to death for a crime he did not do. Just because 2nd chances are offered, it doesn't mean everyone will get them, but lets us atleast have possibility for those who have changed. Your thoughts and opinions are welcomed. And for those of you who don't know me, let me remind everyone that I took a mans life in 1998. Since then, the love of my life, my Justine, was murdered, and 2 of my brothers, Jesse and Robby, were both given heroin laced with a lethal dose of fentynal, neither of them survived. But I don't wish death on anyone. Thank you. Take care, stay safe during this pandemic and wear a mask!


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