Feb. 13, 2021

Personal Journal: 1/22 to 2/4

by Steve J. Burkett (author's profile)


Personal Journal

1/22/2021 (1-22-21 at 2:30 PM) I got my first vaccination shot yesterday in the afternoon. The Moderna COVID-19 to prevent coronavirus. My arm was sore last night where they administered it. My stomach upset this morning but that may be because of my over doing it on the chocolate pudding I had for dinner last night and my arthritis is acting up because of the cold & damp.
1/23/2021 We had another Covid test yesterday. They're doing them at least twice a week now some weeks three times. I'll sure be happy when they give us the second shot and we start getting a little more yard and day room. I get to shower every day but that me my celly only get one once or twice a week and has to birdbath the rest of the time birdbath is just not the same as a shower. It was raining yesterday morning most of the day. It's not raining at the moment but it's still wet outside. I'm hoping it's not going to rain today it's not supposed to and I heard a rumor that my tier might get yard today. It can rain all of the next week and it's supposed to just not today because if it does and they have yard I'll take a bar of soap with me :) Thank you smartgirl445 & lindseymorgan.
1/24/2021 It's cold and damp right now - not raining at this time but it did rain most of Sunday & Sunday night and it has rain coming down every day for the next seven. I love the rain. It's darker with the rain clouds are in the sky and I sleep better with a couple of heavy blankets over me. Makes me remember my childhood when we always felt the cold when my brother James & I would go with Mama to find wood. Just thinking about it now I can smell the smoke and feel the heat from the stove I can hear the laughter of my sisters Marcella & Linda as us boys pull the blanket off of them on the living room floor. Borth my hands are hurt from a mixture of lupus, arthritis, dampness and cold. I lay here and daydream if only it was yesterday and I don't mean Sunday but long ago yesterdays when the laugher of your brothers & sisters made you happy.
1-29-2021 I talked to my heart yesterday, listened to her voice while the sounds from a midday storm surrounded me. Today I have a smile on my face remembering all the storms we've been through together. I will miss Lorene - my Aunt my friend although with her dementia I guess she's been gone for some time now.
1-28-2021 The power went off about 7:30 last night. Don't know what time it came back on, sometime early this morning. I do know 1-27-2021 the guard kept shining the light shining in my eyes until he woke me up each time he counted. The toilet here will not flush without electrical power - do they know about how many times an old man has to get up & pee during the night. :) When the power's off the booster is off on the T.V. cable so we only have a few stations we can peek up from the air down in this hole.
1-20-2021 Today is Saturday and I am lost. Having trouble with my breathing and I think a shortness of oxygen to my brain - this breathing things has been going on for while now - I'm having blackouts too. The R.N said if I get put on oxygen I'll be moved to a hospital prison fast. I want to go I just have a few things I want to take care of first - I just write slower for now. We're still on generator power. :) I try to finish this tomorrow :)
1-4-2021 It's hard for me to put things down on paper when I'm feelnig sick or in pain but I have to write even when I feel this way since I'm hurting most of the time. It'll get better - today it's lupus ad arthritis I can't rise my left shoulder - my hand feels like I just punched someone in the head :). I'll going to get this in the mail today and will write again next week. Everyone stay well we'll be pass this Covid soon.


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