April 22, 2021

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by William Goehler (author's profile)
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Apr. 8

"What does everyday life in prison look like right now", you ask? There are diverse points of view, so my perspective isn't everyones! This past year has been unlike any other though, that's for sure. Let's see, the prisoner population have been kept in suspense as the Medical/Mental Health Dept. hierarchy usurps control from the ever more abusive custody regime. Long senseless lockdowns under the pre-tense of Covid quarantines permit custody to lounge "on-duty", and I don't know what the education dept. staff have been doing this past year -- or the chaplains, for that matter. They certainly haven't been doing their jobs serving prisoners education or religious needs though! The best way to describe the prison administration is to say it's a culture of complicity. Most all are involved in wrongful acts to some degree, so none dare blow the whistle on the rampant embezzlement.

Prisoners too, fraudulently embezzling Federal Stimulous checks,* are pacified with their ill-gotten gains. And since the visiting room drug-route has been shut down for a year, the Medical Dept. has been dispensing Suboxone to everybody claiming Opiate addiction. This stratagem of course produces the phenomena of complacency amongst egocentric criminals, and thus they're oblivious to the regime change.

In-cell murders and assaults have sky-rocketed, as have reports of staff assaults -- which... all too often occur when prisoners happen to be in handcuffs. And aside from all the new Suboxone patients, the psych dept. has also amassed new patients/recruits who are seeking alliance with apparent advocates.

I do my own time though, as I always have, so this Covid chaos means little to me I understand this transition of power -- at every level. And in that understanding is a freedom from being entangled in it.

*572170631. Please check IRS and Cal. EDD to make sure I haven't been recorded as receiving any form of their money. I'm one of the few who didn't take advantage of those [illegible] entanglements.


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