April 25, 2021

And the Sun Can Shine in the Night

From Uhuru Pen by Prince Atum-Ra Uhuru Mutawakkil


Date: 4/12/2021 1:11:33 AM


Who among the most enlightened, claim that the SUn don't shine at night!

Fore, I have seen it once or twice in the eye's of a beautiful Lady

Her ray's a bountiful delight to my eye's; Her smile a warming harbor for mooring in the...

Storm that we call this here life. an intoxication that is pleasing and safe, and refreshing. and resting

I saw the Sun last night. and it was a beautiful delight.

In those eye's I could see a future, staring back was a romance that Romeo and Juliet could feel, and Shakespeare could reveal.

I Saw the Sun last night.

I saw the Sun last Night and the night is not over, and I want to see it again and again.

like a Jinny in the mist, I have a 100 million wish, and they go beyond the shallow,

and affable, jazzale flashible kiss. How deep is this ...

a Sun last night.

Put a clue in the spinning Moon, then I would know were we stand,

for my investment and interest is true and bearing. tis I like a falcom cresting the clear Blue sky ,, , My Vision Soar with agenda ...

like the Sun at night, because I saw a sun last night !



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Lilysasy Posted 1 year ago. ✓ Mailed 1 year ago   Favorite
Great title I saw the sun shine last night. Wow beautiful really. For I feel you did see the sun that night and believe the sun shine is at night. In a dark world one should believe that the sun is brightest in the night. Through words the sun shines through. The walls don't hold the shine though the sun shines on the soul and the words that make it whole. Makes it worth the glow to show the whole picture. Pictures show through the soul. The strongest glow that shall ever hold ones soul. I just rolled with that. Great words .

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