June 10, 2021

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My Prison Covid Experience
(April 3, 2021)


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May 21, 2021

COVID was very real in prison. Still is. When millions refused to wear masks, we saw prison guards and staff do the same. "We're union. They can't fire us."

Then at once, almost 1,000 prisoners got infected in about a 2 week time. This prison, google it, SCI Forest, was listed as a Top 10 Hot Spot in all of America. I was quoted by Phila. Inquirer Reporter Samantha Melamed in that Jan. 2021 article.

Even now that 1,800-1,900 out of 2,200 prisoners took the J&J vaccine, only 166 staff got vaccinated. They say they will "once the real president is back and we get the real vaccine like He got." Such stupidity and ignorance to tell us we got a fake vaccine. But in prison, a lot of society sadly thinks that everything bad that happens to us- we deserve. They think we have some cushy pampered life style- nope. When my mom died in Aug 2017, and my dad May 2018 (both of cancer) I wasn't even allowed to attend their funerals on memorial service. Why? Why can't I say Goodbye to my parents? I am not perfect but I am a changed Human Being but in my Republican Controlled State, there are no 2nd chances, no Redemption, no forgiveness, no belief in change. I have a lot of work to do on myself still but I am not the 21 yr old kid who took a man's life. I am a 44 1/2 yr old man who has grown and changed.

I want to thank you for reading what I write. I have neglected my blog but I will write more often.

Please feel free to comment, ask Questions or tell me your thoughts.

I've met some amazing people on this blog and 1 has even become family to me.

So for anyone and everyone reading, Thank you.

If anyone is interested in Criminal Justice/Prison Reform, please let me know, especially if you're in Pennsylvania.

Take care- stay safe and get vaccinated.

If you've lost a loved one to COVID, go on fema.gov for info on being reimbursed for funeral expenses.



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