Oct. 5, 2021

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Nate's News.......16 June 2021
(July 3, 2021)


Letter to Rian in Norway, & Others
sent 26 Nov. 2021

Rian, everyone, my mailing address is:
Nate A. Lindell #303724
P.O. Box 900
Portage, WI
I never receive your letter mailed to my Boscobel address, haven't been there since 2018, just found out that you left a message for me here & am replying immediately.
You ever see the movie Castaway? I'm like Tom Hanks in that movie... wanna be my Wilson? :-)
Seriously, I have two good friends, Camille in France, Doc Zigmond in Massachusetts, and I'd be glad to see if you want to be my Norwegian friend. (I remain alone in here, as few around me are awake or trustworthy.) So, I hope you're still interested in communicating.
If so, please write me again at my above address, include your email, if you'd like to communicate that way. (You'll need to accept the CorrLinks request I send, then look there for my emails -- some people find it confusing.)
It may be presumptions, but if you want to visit via Zoom, let me know, & I'll send you a form. (Due to COVID, they started such visits, which let's me visit with people anywhere in the planet...cool!)
Right now I'm busy w/ litigation, must prepare for the trial about staff in the Boscobel prison setting me up to get stabbed, almost killing me, which is why I was transferred... But I am always interested in making meaningful connections (not many people contact me...).
Hope you're still interest.


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Hello Nate,

Thank you for writing back to me, I am not sure if you have read my other reply though I might have not pressed send reply button.

I would like to notify you that I have send a letter to you on October 7th, not sure if there are still delays due to Covid, I hope the letter gets to you and that you are as well as you can be.

Wilson says that small things can make big things happen even if we just spend two minutes a day sending out any positive thoughts into the atmosphere. I look forward to communicating with you and sure, we could have a zoom meeting in the near future !

The autumn is here with all the lovely colors, each day starts with curled fog as it slowly fades. I love the Autumn. I always feel that nature is showing its intrinsic beauty once more before the long hibernation of the winter sleep.

Best regards


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