Dec. 21, 2021

Legal cases

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The reason that I haven't posted any awesome art or philosophical writing for a while is that I've been busy litigating these cases:
‣W.D. Wis. Case #18-cv-895, the stabbing suit -- it exposes WI supermax staff for putting prisoners in mortal danger as the price of "possibly" bring let out of solitary confinement, despite multiple stabbings/assaults that occurred over two decades (a psychologist is going to examine me, to see if I need an attorney to do the trial - most likely I'll get an attorney);
‣W.D. Wis. Case #18-cv-1021, Appeal No. 21-2221, the solitary confinement case, fully brief, awaiting decision, MAY establish a new claim about solitary confinement, based on your report, that it apparently causes physical brain damage that correlates (if not certainly causing) with the psychological/behavioral deterioration long observed in those held in solitary -hopefully it opens the door across the country, for a new way to sue about solitary convincement, preventing needlessly holding prisoners in such;
‣E.D. Wis. Case #18-cv-2027, Appeal #21-2761, the PREA retaliation case, aims to establish that: a) prison officials can't require captives to be strip searched as a price to be be interviewed about a PREA complaint, b) if a prisoner is accused of lying in their PREA complaint, the complaint containing the alleged lie must be preserved & considered at the disciplinary hearing, c) the written disciplinary decision must be provided to us, so we can appeal discipline for allegedly lying in a PREA complaint;
‣E.D. Wis. Case #19-cv-255, my suit against staff at the Green Bay Corr. Inst. (GBCI), where I was sent to after being stabbed, about being unjustifiably strip searched, then moved into a shit-smeared cell because I complained about a suicidal prisoner being mistreated & wrote articles about abuses in that prison's Seg unit -- hopefully it firms up prisoners' rights to write about prison conditions & help others sue (the strip search claim is going to trial and counsel is being appointed to represent me);
‣E.D. Wis. Case #19-cv-702, my suit about guards at the Waupun Correctional Institution (WCI), a WI prison, doing a forced strip search on me (a taser pointed at my head, while I stood & four guards held my arms and legs, as a fifth cut my clothes off then felt around my genitals and buttocks), without giving me a chance to cooperate, because I was writing exposés about abuse in the prison & helping others sue about abuses -- hopefully it deters

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further abusive strip searches & firms up our rights to write about prison conditions & help others sue;
‣E.D. Wis. Case #19-cv-704, my suit about GBCI's Administration transferring me to my current prison, to stop me from observing & writing exposés & lawsuits for others, about abuses there -- hopefully it firms up our rights to write about prison conditions & help others sue;
‣E.D. Wis. Case #19-CV-827, my suit about being kept in the harshest level in solitary at a WCI because I persistently wrote about abuses there & helped other prisoners sue about abuses -- hopefully it firms up our rights to write about prison conditions & help others sue.
You can see how each case can potentially help others. If you'd like to help me with this work, please contact me by mail (you can use the Touchnote app or to mail me a letter from your computer) & share this on your social.


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