July 10, 2022

Dear Prof Channing G. Joseph

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Channing G, Joseph

Dear Channing G. Joseph,

So, I was about 20 years old, and an older black man was in full rant mode, going on about how th white man turned Africans, and slaves into homosexuals, by way of "buck breaking", and it was in that moment I realized that all of the homophobic abuses I received as a child from my own people, community, and family could`ve been addressed with education of facts that homosexuality existed in Africa before the white man set foot in our homeland.
Problem, in the Hood, and in prison, and Juvenile Detention Centers, there was no access to evidence of Queer affirming content, especially in the 80`s and 70`s.
Most of my adult life have been collecting intel, about the source of the Word Homosexuality, WOW, what a story about Karl-Maria Kertbeny, amazing.
Even more amazing, was the many African words from many tribes, and articles I now gift to you here:
@youtube/Daniel Rainey (playlist) AZANDE Press+ headphones on, and enjoy these 19 short videos.
Then, in the middle of my journey, a dear friend of mine named Julia from the Netherlands dropped your story on me about "the Queen".
I dont think Julia knows the extent and value of finding you, and sharing you with me becuase you see, I`m incarcerated at San Quentin state prison, on Death Row, and black on black homophobia is now being met with your work.
I am now hand delivering your incredible work directly into the prison systems massine "closeted community", or as we say, our "private expression" family.
Your work is affirming to the point where not even the most homophobic Black History so-called know it all`s in prison are able to pretend the facts you present are not actual.
You have ended debates, and the silence is soooooo loud all I can do is laugh, and say to myself, Julia has no idea what a difference she has made by sharing you with us.
One example is, people say that whatever I say could be made up because Im a gay black man with vested intrest, with no proof of American enslave Africans in a same-sex relationship, before during or after slavery, as it`s not in our history.
But when I show them you, your work, and access to materials not so readedly available in the hood or in prison, the effect of you creates a silence that provides people with a new choice,
a) continue in ignorance? or,
b) remain a student?
for the rest of us, the Queen is our evidence on soooooo many levels, and also thank you for stating that some of the people at the House Balls was also dressed in men`s suits because for masculine gay men, and masculine lesbians, your work creates the vision of a unified community, with, or without words or labels in any language.
I have so many questions, for you, I`d love to interview you and expand your presence in the prison system.
Please go online @ SQnews.com San Quentin state prison newspaper,
As June is Pride Month, and also Juneteenth, it was my honor to share your work, and the story of our Queen to the prison population, yes, SQ news is very popular worldwide, hope I`ve made you proud.
Would love to interview you?/video?
I`ll address that to the prison public informations officer LT. Sam Robinson, we have so many questions for you, and I cant wait for Julia to see what an impact she has made by sharing you, with us.
Be well my hero,


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