Sept. 5, 2023

Prime Prison Prey

by Robert Outman (author's profile)



On 15 June 2023, circa 2:30 PM the guards at SATF "F" yard transferred me to "G" yard for "Safety & Security": refusing to pay protection.

At 80 years old, bound to a wheelchair, survivor of three prison heart attacks, other chronic health conditions, defenseless and with financial resources from a work ethic before incarceration, I am PRIME PRISON PREY.

Prison is a synthetic hell designed to punish those deemed to have broken society's covenant. A 19th century penal mentality where bad men are made worse and good men are made bad. Old men in this societal perdition are vulnerable at an abundance of predatory prisoners and indifference of most guards.

At 3:00 PM, on this hot day, I carried all of my prison life possessions in a laundry cart and was escorted away from predatory prisoners by a guard. Stopping at Program to receive further instruction, the guard left me outside with my possessions to wait for his return. At 4:00 PM, still waiting for instructions, the guard decided it was too hot saying, "We'll wait in visiting where it's cooler." I replied, "What about my property? It's sitting in the roadway." He answered, "Don't worry, it's being watched." At 6:00 PM, the okay was given to proceed to "G" yard.

Upon arriving at the new cell and unloading the laundry cart, I discovered $103.50 of canteen and property had been looted from the UNWATCHED cart. Immediately, I reported it to the guards with the suggestion that the predators could be identified by the yard cameras. The guards' solution was, "You signed for the property. There will be no further action."

This one example illustrates how the elderly are faced with a vicious and continuous cycle of abuse by predator prisoners and indifferent guards.

Since Elderly Parole is nothing more than a rhetorical device with an 82% denial rate, old prisoners will remain PRIME PRISON PREY, only finding peace with a toe tag.

The losses in this state sanctioned elder abuse are not limited to harmless elderly prisoners. Society is paying $282,000 tax dollars per year per elderly prisoner.**

**Calif. State Finance Dept.
20-21 fiscal year

Legislative Analyst Office
May 11, 2010

Court of Appeals of Calif.
in RE Staich, 2020 cal. app. Lexus 974

Board of Parole Calif.

18 June 2023
Robert H. Outman
Prisoner P-79939


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