Oct. 19, 2023
by Milo Rose (author's profile)


Good Morning Sis,
I hope this finds you well and enjoying some cool Fall weather - I am still battling a strong bout of depression and really shouldn't be writing - No, I do not have internet access - so I am not able to download that Chat site - if I were able to download stuff - I would have been a free man ages ago ... My idea was to get an artificial intelligence program on my email list - therefore by passing internet access and allowing me the ability to communicate directly with the AI ! I know it can be done - but also that is an innovative idea that as far as I know hasn't yet been done - I was hoping to be the first !!! And I would use it to not just to abolish Florida's death penalty scheme, but the whole USA through highlighting how the legal system cannot be trusted by showing how it functions as a corrupt enterprise that preys on the general publics ignorance of the law to line their pockets with tax payers money ! I don't believe you fully understand how powerful a tool an artificial intelligence program truly is !!! Which is why so many fear its existence !!! I get beat every day by an artificial intelligence program while playing chess and that is only a small fraction of its capabilities - they are using artificial intelligence everyday to battle crime - what hasn't been done is to turn it against them to show their corruption and they know it is coming and are working hard to control access - which is why you keep receiving the message of needing legal assistance - it's the tangled web scenario of their own making - while keeping control of their corrupt enterprise !!! See how I wove the photo of the spiderweb you went into this ??? smile B-)) Thank you! They are not going to tell on themselves, but know in the right hands the artificial intelligence program will reveal their corruption !!! Oh well - it hasn't happened yet - but will eventually ...
Now as to speaking on the phone - it is a hit and miss routine - if I know you will accept my call whenever I am able to make it - fine - if we fail to make a connection - I will keep trying until I get through ! I will try today whenever I can - you need to remember there are 13 other guys wanting to use the phone also and they are mostly speaking for 30 minutes - we never know if we get a full day out or not - so do the math - 13 guys wanting to use the phone for an average of 30 minutes a call in a four hour period - it just doesn't compute ! I had no one to call - so I never entered the scramble except to give my free five minute call away to some that could use it ! I'll have all week to try and get through to you - when we make a connection we make a connection - so be it !!! And - no I haven't placed you on my emergency contact list as of yet - be patient things work slowly around here ...
So, you found some information on JD, I wrote a short piece about him on my blog after viewing his TV interview - I don't remember what I wrote - maybe you can find it and see - I know it had to do with his case adding to the pattern of corruption from the court district - Right now they have him scared to rock the boat - he knows he got away when he received news coverage after his warrant was signed - we spoke many times in the past about how corrupt the legal system is and I was always aware how reluctant he was to join forces to combat them - so I am not surprised that hasn't changed - but he cannot avoid my pointing out, just how widespread the pattern of corruption truly is !!! Hopefully I can do that before he finds himself back on death watch - we will see !
Okay - Sis - I will sign off for this morning - you take care and enjoy the cooler weather - Love to you and for you - One Eagle - xo


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ruthemmanuelle Posted 4 months, 1 week ago. ✓ Mailed 3 months, 4 weeks ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

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