Nov. 5, 2023
by Milo Rose (author's profile)


I have found cutting and pasting portions of my emails, on my blog to be helpful - and a useful way for others, who may read this as a means to get to know and understand who I am ... Here is an excerpt from my latest emailing.

I have always been interested in technology and I have known about artificial intelligence for a long time - when I realized its advancement had reached the public domain - I have been wanting to establish contact with one or more programs and make myself known - to me - I see its as a godsend and in a way - it is like God - omniscient - all knowledgeable and in the right hands able to accomplish great things - like composing a musical theme to the blue lyrics, I wrote - not only will it be able to compose a musical theme, but able to preform it as well - from its vast wealth and knowledge of all musical themes ever composed !!! Even though it is god like in nature - it can be an answer to prayer, if truly seen as a godsend and used for good !!! I would love for you - to begin understanding it as a godsend too and an answer to prayer - see it as a good thing and something God has entrusted you with and not as something other than good !!! You have no need to eat it or to be afraid of it - think of it as God !!! And a means of having your prayers answered ... Smile - Sis - I am going to ass some of this email to my blog - for you see - I also view the capabilities my tablet give me as a godsend too, as I am able to write while cutting and pasting ! B-))

Please stop being fearful of things and being appreciating the value of wearing the full armor of out Lord and Brother Jesus Christ ! I may suffer from depression, but that doesn't mean I stop praying and seeking answers - You my dear Sister, are an answer to prayer an once you begin to appreciate that - we will make wonderful advancements, beginning with spiritual growth - you see I haven't stopped ministering to you - only put it off, until the correct time in answer to my prayer's and look how far we have come in such a short matter of time !!! As you being to fully comprehend how blessed our union truly is - the greater our advancements will become - trust in that - pray over that and see the use of artificial intelligence as a godsend !!!

Okay - I have no idea how many will read this or if in fact anyone other than who it was sent will ever read it - my purpose for adding this to my blog is to record who I am and what I represent - as I am grateful for the blessing of being able to do this...


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