April 24, 2011

The Possibility; The Ganstas Poem of Love; Unknown Angel

by Brandon Rucker (author's profile)



The Possibility
Our love is a window that light shines through,
It's just as clear as that.
The passion that we have is God's own eternal love
Manifested in human form but only human form divine.
When we make love, we are the Scriptures saints write about
It feels like the glory the angels rejoice about
Our love is a holy gospel in itself
Without sorrow, only in patience
Will the victory be won.

The Ganstas' Poaws of Love
We made love without mercy.
In regards of time, it didn't exist.
The praises do gave you from
The kisses you gave me.
Deep into your temple I went
Touching places others couldn't fathom.
You and ya body screamin' fa release
And rescue in the same breath.
We twistin' and turnin'
In a throne of ecstasy.
Are we too young for passion this hot?
I don't know, but when she
Sat down on me and rode me
Smoother than a Cadillac on twenties'
Angels sang, God's own tears
Washed away the worlds dirt and evil
Thoughts were no longer needed
Our passion is driven by an animal hunger
That only stopped when the sun's rays
Graced our walls
And you arrived at the place
Others only dreamed of going

Unknown Angel
Creamy peanut better complexion
Eyes the color of warm cinnamon
Mindset strong enough to will
Any means justifiable.
A foreign elegance?
Or my own dreams,
As a reincarnation of an angel
In human form?

You the perfection perfect aspires to be
Legs long, just enough to wrap around my waist
In play or a heated embrace.
I breathe God's own breathe
On top of the mountains
In response to your back arcs.
I take the road less traveled
And swim with the dolphins.
I send chills through your entire body
As I kiss the sweetest cherries
God has ever made.
Then we kiss
Your lips are the dreams people never forget
Or should I say, I will never forget.
Your lips taste of sweet innocence
Sophisticated innocence

To my unknown angel.
This is only just a dream.

P.S. Cherries are really boxing gloves. Sorry.

Hello, World. My name is Brandon Rucker. I am a writer, somewhat I think. I would like all of your thoughts. Only honest comments please. Do you like my work or don't you? How does it make you feel? All that good stuff.

Thank you.
Enjoy the read.


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