Jan. 4, 2024

Stop the Senicide!

by Robert Outman (author's profile)



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Father John, thank you, for your compassion towards the plight of elderly in prison. I apologize for my dilatory reply to your posting RE: ADA INTIMIDATION SYNOPSIS and your advice on Compassion Parole, however I wanted to be as pragmatic as possible in my reply.

As to your earlier posting on guard bullying: The 115 charge against me, begrudgedly, I was exonerated. The guards malfeance was reported with only the sound of silence since. Even though a prisoner is found "Not Guilty" of a 115 the Parole Board will still deny parole on that alone. Elderly are not paroled anyway so there's no hope for reason there.

To California's new "Compassion Parole" I have written to prison HQ in Sacramento requesting statistics as to how many have been paroled. Like so many other requests they answer in the sound of silence. So, I can't speak to the effect.

However, epirically I have no knowledge of any "Compassion Paroles," or decline in ageism practices. I am aware of Mr "B" a frail elderly prisoner in his 70's wheelchair bound, diagnosed with terminal lung cancer, housed in our cell block F2. He was being transported out of prison twice a week for treatment however is now medicated in-prison, because he could no longer endure being chained and manacled like a wild animal for transport. "Compassion Parole" was news to him.

One of my cellmates, Mr Denny, 74yrs old, wheelchair bound has been diagnosed with bladder cancer, has gone through surgery, kemo therapy and the uncertainty of no final diagnoses. There has never been any discussion of possible "Compassion Parole."

In my essay WE SHOULD CARE BECAUSE ..., when Woodrow died his bunk was bearly cool before they rolled in another terminally ill elderly prisoner, Timothy Love.

With an abundance of other firsthand experiences, the only "Compassion" in prison toward the elderly I have witnessed said or written is "Compassion Parole" which is more of a rhetorical device feeding society a Barmicide Feast. Ageism is alive and well within the confines of their lethal electric fences.

The Compassion Parole reference you make in your posting belongs to Michigan. I am forwarding your observation to Willis X. Harris, Director of CURE, and President of Michigan Lifers Association. Mr Harris is expert in state sponsored senicide not only in Michigan, but nationwide.

Robert H. Outman
Prisoner P-79939


cc: Prison Law Office


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