March 22, 2024

Events of 1/26/24 to 1/29/24

by John Peana (author's profile)


On 1/26/24 I sent a letter to my Treatment Team that said in part:

"I am writing as I was told to to request a meeting about Resident "M"/Bldg. 41.

I am very confused on how we can both be in the same Bldg. When both Danielle Tope, Executive Director and Mark Cederbaum, Director, Bureau of Institutional Sex Offender Treatment said in part: "However, due to census management, moves to and from buildings are extremely difficult at this time and active operations for safety and security."

On top of that, I've continually been told that I could not go to Bldg. 41 due to Mr. "M" being over there. Now that he's over here (Bldg. 39) I should not be in this building for the same reasons used to not send me to Bldg. 41.

If the new issue is that I have not been programing, I have already said I want "Processing the Past" and "Individual." I would be willing to talk about taking other groups if sent to Bldg. 41. By both Dr. Tope and Dr. Cederbaum's own statements I should not be in the same building as Mr. "M.""

How does this make any sense? I'm told for years that I can't go over to the other building due to another resident being over there but then all of a sudden we can be in this building together. I guess it was just one of the facilities excuses to stop me from progressing. What is most confusing to me is the fact that the Executive Director of the facility and the Director in Albany both have sent me written replies stating that I can't be in the same building as resident "M" but then say nothing once we're in this building together.

Then on 1/29/24 I:

1.) Sent my Treatment Team a letter that said in part: "I am writing to request my job back. It has been 47 days since my last "Loss of Privilege." If this won't happen I request the reason why in writing."

Let's see if they answer me in writing. They have a habit of not wanting to put things in writing so they can deny things they say/promise/agree to.

2.) Sent a letter to NYS Secretary of State that said in part: "I write today to request a update on my 12/3/23 FOIL Request. I have not heard anything to date and was wondering why. If you could please get back to me about this I'd greatly appreciate it."

3.) Sent a letter to Hon. Gerald J. Whalen that said in part: "I write today due to MHCS continually for years refusing to follow MHL47 among other things."

I personally have requested ther assistance with filing Article 78's, 1983's, and Objection to Care and Treatments. Every request is met with being told to file them myself. Three of the most recent request pertained to:
1.)illegal Strip Searches
2.)illegal Mail Restrictions
3.)me being house in the same building as another resident that both the Executive Director of the facility (Danielle Tope) and the Director, Bureau of Institutional Sex Offender Treatment (Mark Cederbaum) have said in writing I can't be in the same building as.

Prior to those above I was forced to file my own Article 78's, both of them currently pending in Albany County Supreme Court. Whenever I or other residents request help, MHLS almost always directs us to handle it ourselves, even when illegal/abusive actions are happening. MHLS won't even assist with documents, copies, or answers to questions. When residents do as MHLS says to and files things their selves, MHLS acts if their only duty to residents is to show up at their Article 10 trial/hearing. Due to their lack of action illegal/abusive actions and behaviors by the facility and it's staff are allowed to continue. To give you a little more insight into what is happening at the facility and how I have had to file all my own Objection to Care and Treatment's I ask you that you go to:
2.)*ONLY If #1 does not work* and look up my name.

I feel that it will be very informative.

Next, I write to speak about how MHLS handles Article 10 annual reviews. Year after year I make requests on things I want done and not done concerning my annual and year after year I am ignored or told they can't be honored. I've been dealing with Article 10 since 2008 and have learned a lot. Due to what I've learned I feel my requests should be honored along with my attorney including me in my hopeful release.

With all this said I ask that you please get back to me at your earliest convenience about this all.

Thank you for your time and patience with this all."

MHLS is "Mental Hygiene Legal Services" and they are supposed to represent us at Article 10 hearings/trial. They are also supposed to protect our rights. For years they have done the bare minimum and due to that have allowed our rights to be violated and for us to be abused in many ways. My letter to Judge Whalen hopefully will start a change with MHLS. He is the oversight for MHLS. If/when the Judge replies I will let you know what he says.


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GN22 Posted 2 weeks ago. ✓ Mailed 1 week, 2 days ago   Favorite
Thanks for writing! I finished the transcription for your post.

Fascinating. I hope that all goes well for you.

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