May 2, 2024

Updates on My Pending Lawsuits, How You Can Help

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Date: 4/16/2024 10:15:32 AM
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Updates on My Pending Lawsuits, How You Can Help
by Nate A. Lindell
created 16 April 2024

Greetings my little monsters. C'est moi, the big one. Below you will find a description of lawsuits that I have pending, with descriptions of what they are about and their status. Let me know if you'd like any additional details. You can help increase the odds of just resolutions by sharing this on your socials, releasing/sharing this information to journalists, the public, activists and attorneys who may help. Thank you for doing so!

In Dane County Circuit Court (you may look them up on
1) State ex rel. Lindell v. Larry Fuchs, Case #23-cv-3007. This is a Certiorari action, asking the court to review decisions to reject complaints that I filed about Columbia Correctional Institution (CCI) staff leaving me in Restrictive Housing (RH/Seg.) supposedly based on a Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA) complaint made against me yet refusing to investigate the PREA complaint and improperly rejecting my complaint about bring held in filthy conditions in RH while awaiting an investigation.

2) State ex rel. Lindell v. Sen. Nass, et alia, Case #23-cv-3008. This is a Certiorari action, in which I'm asking the court to review a Conduct Report (CR) that I was issued based on articles of mine being published confine, including an article published on Progressive Perspectives (arguing that incarcerated persons' PTSD should be treated) and one posted on (asking the public to demand that the WDOC comply with the PREA), also asking the court to declare that the policy that the discipline was based on to be illegal. I filed a motion to sanction the respondents for trying to defraud the court by submitting documents that they claim supported the discipline and were considered at the disciplinary hearing but which the disciplinary decision itself shows were not considered, while the format of the documents (digital photos without date/time stamps, of internet documents without the bottom of the screenshots, which also show the dates and times they were viewed) itself raises suspicions of them being concocted at a date and time that they want to conceal. Respondents filed a motion to dismiss because the Senator is improperly joined (even if he is improperly joined, dismissal is not allowed for such, only severance of him as a party....). It's apparent that they are desperate to dodge a ruling on the merits of my argument (practice for my Civil-Rights action, #6, below), as dismissal of an action is not allowed even if Sen. Nass is improperly joined.

3) State ex rel. Lindell v. Kevin Carr, Case #24-cv-0459, now in the Court of Appeals as Case No. 2024AP0695. This case is also a Certiorari action, but was dismissed by the judge for lacking merit. I'm arguing that it does have merit, and that WDOC officials irrationally dismissed my complaint about Inmate Complaint Review System (ICRS) staff refusing to file my complaints (about my property being destroyed/lost when I was TLUed for the forenoted PREA complaint), causing them to be deemed untimely and thus dismissed.

4) State ex rel. Lindell v. Rees, no case # provided to me yet. This is a Mandamus action, seeking to compel CCI Records Dept & the WDOC's Records Management Bureau to provide me with records related to staff TLUing me based on the alleged PREA complaint that they cited to justify TLUing me, which is being addressed in Case #23-cv-3007, noted above

5) State ex rel. Lindell v. Carr, et alia, Case No. 24-cv-0487. This case is a Civil-Rights action, concerning CCI staff repeatedly abusing the disciplinary and temporary-lockup (TLU) processes to retaliate against me for complaining about staff misconduct and then destroying much of my property and barring me from enrolling in college classes. I expect that it will be removed to the U.S. District Court, as were the two below-noted cases, which I originally filed in the Dane County Circuit Court. At present I am serving copies of the lawsuits on the defendants; an A.A.G. will then be assigned to the case and that A.A.G. will most likely request that it be transferred to the below-noted federal court, where it will be screened to determine what claims I may proceed on.

6) State ex rel. Lindell v. Sen. Nass, et alia, Case No. 24-cv-0808, my Civil-Rights action regarding the discipline for having art and writings of mine posted on websites and on This action seeks "damages" (money) for the violation of my First Amendment rights to engage in prison journalism, as well as an injunction prohibiting defendants from repeating their behavior. I will amend the Complaint to seek additional damages based on the defendants (CCI officials) effort at defrauding the court in Case No. 23-cv-3008 to try and justify their discipline. I will be deposing the defendants myself, and will hire a digital data expert to scrutinize the digital photos, so I will get to the bottom of whether or not the digital photos of screen shots were fabricated after the proceedings and who all was involved in their creation and claiming they were considered at the disciplinary hearing.

In the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin (
7) Lindell v. Carr, et alia, Case No. 23-cv-805. This case, again a Civil-Rights action, concerns CCI staff again and repeatedly misusing the disciplinary and TLU processes, causing me to be denied enrollment in college classes and to have property destroyed, and in one case disciplining and TLUing me because I objected to a guard (Ashley N. Suprise) sexually assaulting me; despite Suprise being arrested (for poss. Meth, DUI on Meth, poss. guns w/ serial #s removed) two weeks after she falsely accused me of misconduct, despite a Sergeant refuting some of Suprise's accusations and camera footage refuting the rest, I had to fight her lies for months until the administration dismissed them. I'm waiting for the court to screen, approve and let me prosecute my claims that my First Amendment right to Petition for Redress and Fourteenth Amendment Due Process right were violated.

8) Lindell v. Moreno, et alia, Case No. 23-cv-811. This case, also a Civil-Rights action, concerns officials with the Odyssey Beyond Bars (OBB) program, a U.W. Madison program, and CCI Education Dep't staff permitting another incarcerated person to harass me during my participation because the other incarcerated person deemed me a Communist, then blackballed me from participation in any OBB programs and even being in the School building when OBB staff were in the same building because I complained about the political-based harassment. When I sought records about the matter, the retaliation worsened; when a teacher insisted I work as his tutor, meaning I'd have to be in the building with OBB staff, that teacher was harassed and I was quickly fired. I'm waiting for the court to screen, approve and let me prosecute my claims that my First Amendment right to Petition for Redress and Equal Protection (that is, to not be mistreated based on my perceived politics) Due Process right were violated.


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