June 28, 2024

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by Dymitri Haraszewski (author's profile)
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The Presumption Of Whiteness
(March 5, 2023)


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Jonny Smither - Well hello, Grouchy Guy! I'm reading your latest comment and wondering... "What's his fascination with me?" You suggest I'm a "child predator" and thus get "no meaningful airtime" from you, yet you keep commenting and, as you said yourself, awaiting my responses. I'd guess it's obvious to anyone with the high level of intelligence you have why I keep responding...the question I can't figure out is why you do? Maybe I'm not bright enough to see it.

Jonny, maybe you're right - they do say misery loves company, and I am pretty miserable these days. You too? From your comments you sound like not-a-nice-guy, but maybe it's something else. Either way, I'll continue keeping you company if you like, no worries. Of course, I'd love it if you had your facts a bit straighter ("duly convicted"? Hardly :) Also, quite far from "Max Security" these days, and if it matters to you, I've never actually committed a "crime" against anyone, least of all my friends), but I'll follow your lead in inviting you also to "say whatever you want." Maybe you could talk about the content of one of my posts? Did you like my "Coppism Concerns"? Well, let me know. Oh! Also, please do tell me what you meant by "blame shifting" and "gaslighting." An example, maybe?

Take care,


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